One of the biggest concerns of people who have never colored their hair before and really want to know is whether coloring will damage their hair or not. Will their hair texture, shine, quality be retained or will it get hampered? Will their hair stop growing or will they be able to have the same natural hair growth as before? We’ve answered all these questions in today’s blog along with a guide on what happens when you deposit a dye onto your hair. 

What happens when you color your hair?

If you’re using permanent dyes to color your hair, then your hair structure will be affected. These dyes will essentially open up your hair cuticles to deposit the color onto the strands. Once the cuticle is open, the dye reacts with the hair's inner portion, the cortex, to deposit the color. It's the same process as lightening, except a colorant is then bonded to the hair shaft.

Now, in order to deposit a semi-permanent hair color, you will need to bleach your hair at home or get it done from a professional stylist at a salon. The bleach reacts with the melanin in the hair, removing the color through a chemical reaction.

However, the semi-permanent dyes which you use on your pre-lightened hair, don't contain ammonia or peroxide and therefore do not require any pre-mixing before application. This sounds tough, right? Or you’re probably wondering why are you suddenly reading a page from a chemistry textbook. But, it’s actually not complicated, here’s a graphic explaining the hair structure for better understanding. 


Hair structure graphic with labels

In simple terms, using permanent dyes will change the structure of your hair. Bleaching will also do the same. The Paradyes semi-permanent hair dyes are conditioner-based and they can help in improving the dry and frizzy state of your hair which might occur due to bleaching. This is one reason why we suggest that the time gap between bleaching and coloring your hair should not be more than 3 hours. The less cuticle opening and closing you do, the less damaging the dyeing process will be. 

Paradyes Lighten Up! Bleach is enriched with herbal oils to combat the dryness and damage so caused. Moreover, the semi-permanent hair colors are free from any toxic chemicals and can provide deep conditioning to your hair. These dyes also don’t have ammonia. So, if you’re looking for a fun hair makeover, this is your best bet. You can read up more about the various hair coloring techniques to achieve the makeover of your dreams all by yourself.

What happens when you deposit a semi-permanent hair color on your hair?

Semi-permanent dyes fades with each wash. After an average of 8 washes, the color will be completely gone, exposing the bleached bits. In most cases, our hair dyes fade into beautiful ashy hues after 10-15 washes. If you wash your hair frequently, you might also be able to go back to your blonde base quickly.

But if you’re wondering whether you’ll get back your natural hair after the fade or not, the answer is a NO. You can either wait for your hair to grow out from the roots or you can get a haircut to get rid of the colored portion. You can also cover it up with a permanent dye of your choice, if you want to stop using semi-permanent dyes.

Your hair could already be damaged

If you’re someone who uses styling tools frequently, your hair might already be damaged due to the excessive heat they’ve been treated with. There are other factors including the weather conditions, your diet, your haircare routine which determine the status of your hair in the long run.

In this case, you should first nourish your hair with a deep conditioning hair mask, a homemade hair pack, etc. You need to ensure that your hair is healthy and can handle  the bleaching process. Follow a hair care routine for a month or two to re-strengthen damaged hair. One example would be to include a good quality conditioner in your hair wash routine. Conditioner ensures that your hair remains tangle free, smooth and shiny.

If you are consistent with your hair care routine before and after coloring your hair, the texture and quality of your locks will improve over time instead of deteriorating. All you need is some commitment for having those perfectly colored hair! Grab your favorite products from our website and dive right into this beautiful journey of coloring your hair from the comfort of your home and giving yourself that dream hair transformation!