Hair coloring is merely a form of self expression which allows you to present yourself creatively. Apart from the way society looks at people with colored hair, there is a lot of stigma about the damage that it might cause or how the process is irreversible and what not. There are plenty of misconceptions about hair coloring, this is an attempt at clarifying a few of them. 

Myth #1: Paradyes semi-permanent hair colors can cover up your greys.
Fact #1: Grey hair CAN NOT be covered using our hair dyes

Due to the lack of porosity in root grey hair, making it difficult to deposit color on such strands. The cuticles are generally closed and it would take an immense amount of effort and developing time to completely open up these cuticles. Until and unless the cuticle is open, the hair strand will not be able to retain the hair dye so deposited. It is even more difficult to color grey roots as that implies that your natural hair growth itself is grey. 

Myth #2: Hair coloring damages your hair
Fact #2: Using our conditioner based semi-permanent dyes will nourish your damaged hair

Bleaching or pre-lightening is the process that damages your hair, it is not the hair coloring process that causes the damage. The Blonder Powder and Creme Developer mixed help in lifting off the natural pigments of your hair to achieve a light base for depositing colorful hair dyes. Since bleaching is a chemical process, it causes dryness and frizziness. However, this is completely manageable. Our hair dyes are conditioner-based and enriched with herbal ingredients such as Amla, Bhringraj, Brahmi, and Hibiscus extracts. Therefore, once applied after bleaching, they leave your hair feeling soft, smooth, and colorful ofc! 

Myth #3: Once you start coloring, you have to continue forever
Fact #3: It’d be delightful if you color your hair forever, but you certainly DO NOT need to, if you don’t want to or are over your "hair coloring" phase

Hair coloring is and will always be your choice. Bleaching will lift off your natural pigment from a particular portion, but it’s completely up to you whether you want to recolor your hair or not. Ofc if you wish to achieve your natural hair back, you’ll have to wait for the bleached/ colored portion to grow out and then get it cut. Or you can also use a permanent dye similar to your natural hair color if you don’t wish to experiment. Although, there are plenty of options for you to try and guess what?? You can even layer colors to create your own custom looks, so why wouldn’t one want to keep trying and slaying new looks? Each color has a different vibe after all….

Myth #4: Hair coloring is expensive and you need to get it done professionally 
Fact #4: It’s a DIY Process

All you need is the Paradyes Lighten Up! Bleach Pack to pre-lighten your hair and your favorite hair color. If you wish to achieve true looks with our cooler colors like (Superba Aqua, Rudolphi Blue, Mayeri Green, Emerald Green, Sapphire Navy, Crinkle Violet, and Moonstone Grey) then we suggest you visit a salon and request the hairstylist to give you a platinum base or bleach your hair to a level 9 or higher and tone it thereafter. Using our DIY bleach pack only once will lift your color by a level 4-6 which is ideal only for warm shades like Carola Pink and Rubra Red. For a cooler tone, you will have to bleach your hair once again. You can give yourself a hair makeover within an extremely affordable price range as compared to the exorbitant prices that a salon might charge for its services. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions as mentioned in the manuals inside the respective kits that you purchase.

Myth #5: Colored hair requires extra and expensive maintenance
Fact #5: You only need to follow your regular hair care routine with Color Care products 

The better you maintain your color tresses, the longer it’ll stay vibrant. Else, it’ll fade into a beautiful ashy hue. If you wish to retain a pastel hair color, all you need to do is mix the Paradyes hair color pigment into your Paradyes Color Care Conditioner and condition your hair like you normally do. To provide extra nourishment to your hair you can use a Color preserving mask occasionally. The only difference between maintaining natural hair and colored hair would be the products that you use. It is essential to switch to Color Protecting products after coloring your hair if you want your color to last longer.

So, if anyone ever tells you any of these myths again, you know what to do, right? And ofc, you also need to tell them why they need to color their hair too. Cos, facts are facts and no one can deny them! ;)