What is the Program about?

If you’ve got it in you to help us change the hair coloring landscape and get people talking about having their hair in all shades of red, blue, and pink without any hesitation then this program is definitely made for you! 

Why should you join this community?

You’ll get a chance to have a say in brand decisions, lead your own teams as a ParaLeader in the future and work directly with Team Paradyes! How awesome is that? And guess what? You stand a chance to get your hands on exclusive merch, goodies, freebies, and much more. It’s an opportunity you can’t miss.

How to become a ParaRep

  1. Interact on our Social Media handles (IG, Twitter: @birdsofparadyes)
  2. Fill out the form for the slot that works best for you
  3. Sit back and wait for our team to revert!

When does the program start?

This program will be conducted 4 times a year, so you can choose the duration that works best for you. It is a one-month program.

Jan-Feb     https://forms.gle/pYZbcQHF2c758DGT7

Mar-Apr     https://forms.gle/o36z87ZohVwE2HuC8

Jul-Aug      https://forms.gle/LBEAGSgVJ2ichS1z7

Sep-Oct     https://forms.gle/FQ2JYZvhCHUSEZXC7


Note: You will receive an email 15 days prior to the beginning of the program.

We’re looking forward to having you onboard!

P.S. The next batch starts on 15 January 2023.