Dos And Don'ts Of Hair Coloring Paradyes

Dos And Don'ts Of Hair Coloring

by Yashaswini Kataria on Feb 12, 2022

Cos we want our besties to have a hassle-free and easy hair color transformation from the comfort of their homes! We're sharing all the Dos and Don'ts for hair coloring in this blog and we hope they help you achieve your dream makeover.

Pssst… Guess what we’re sharing with you in this blog. We’ve compiled all the Dos and Don’ts of hair coloring just for you guys. Every single thing that we’ve learned after coloring our hair over and over again, secret tips and hacks and all that our fellow hair color chameleons have taught us after using these semi-permanent hair colors themselves. So read, learn, and ensure that you give yourself the perfect hair color makeover!

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This is what you need to remember before coloring your hair:

1. Follow the instructions strictly
In order to get the best results, you need to ensure that you read and follow the instructions given in the manual or in the guide on our website carefully.

2. Wear the gloves throughout the process
To prevent the hair color from staining your hands, clothes, and other surfaces, always wear the gloves provided in the color kits and use the brush to apply the hair color evenly.

3. A strand test is a must
This is that one step that will clear out all the confusion that you might have regarding how the color will show up on your base hair. It is extremely important to perform a strand test on a small section of your hair before coloring all the desired sections.

Dos for coloring your hair

We’ve tried answering the most asked questions here and if there is anything that you feel we haven’t mentioned, you know what you need to do! Feel free to message us on Instagram to ask anything about hair coloring, which hair color will suit you, hair coloring for beginners who haven’t colored their hair before, and the likes of it. :)

1. Section your hair
If you plan to color a larger portion of your hair then sectioning it by using hair clips or hair ties will help you in applying the color in an easy manner. It is a time-consuming process and we suggest you rope in one of your friends to help you out ;) Galentine’s or Valentine’s is just around the corner so celebrate together and color each other’s hair!

2. Bleach your hair twice for a platinum base
In order to achieve the hair colors as shown in the swatches on our website, please see the level you wish to get and bleach your hair accordingly. For extremely vibrant results, you will have to either bleach your hair twice or bleach it to the lightest blonde that you can get and then tone it.

3. Tone your hair after bleaching for cool tones
This is one of the most common hair coloring mistakes that so many of you make. Even though it is not necessary to tone your hair after bleaching, we strongly recommend that you tone your hair and get rid of the yellow-orange undertones if you wish to get bright and vibrant results with our cool tones. (Rudolphi Blue, Crinkle Violet, Mayeri Green, Moonstone Grey, Sapphire Navy, Emerald Green, Superba Aqua

Either use a toning shampoo or you can also use our hair colors - Moonstone Grey, Crinkle Violet as toners for getting rid of the brassy undertones that appear after bleaching.

4. Wash your hair with cold water 
If you wash your hair with warm water right after coloring it, your hair color will bleed and fade faster. Paradyes semi-permanent hair colors have beautiful ashy and pastel fades so there’s nothing to worry about but if you want your hair color to last longer then you should use cold water for every wash.

Don’ts for coloring your hair

We’re putting out the things that you should avoid while coloring your hair and trust us if you don’t do the following, your hair coloring journey will be hassle-free and you’ll receive the results that you wish to.

1. Don’t apply the hair color on damp hair
Your hair needs to be completely dry before you apply the color to your strands. IT will be easier to cover all strands and no patch or spot will be left. For uniform application, you need to move the brush in a zig-zag manner. 

2. Don’t condition your hair just before coloring
Conditioning will close the pores and make your hair too smooth which will become a barrier for the hair colors. If you need to then you can shampoo and condition your hair one night prior to the day on which you decide to color your hair.

3. Not doing enough research about hair coloring
Hair coloring is an irreversible change and once you bleach parts of your hair, you will have to wait for it to grow back from the roots to get your original hair back. So it is best if you do your research, read all the blogs on our website, go through our guides, Instagram handle, and ask us all your doubts via DM before going for your dream hair color makeover.

4. Don’t layer too many colors
If you layer colors too frequently, it’s possible to reach a point where your hair color stops fading, in that case, to achieve a new look you will have to bleach your hair again. To avoid this, you should wash your hair at least twice a week so that the color fades well and after 1 month, you can opt for a color change. Repeat the same cycle with regular washing so that you can apply as many colors as you like!

We hope these insights help you guys to have the best DIY hair coloring experience at home. Now all you need to do is get your favorite hair color and start your hair coloring journey with Paradyes.

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