What Happens When You Color Your Hair Twice in One Day?

If you’re using a strong ammonia-based dye, you can damage your hair if you try to dye it too frequently. 

But while using our Semi-Permanent hair colors, you’re signing up for color and care for your hair, as our colors are conditioner based and provide the much-needed moisture to your tresses.

Now, to answer the question above, YES you can color your hair twice in one day. Just remember that semi-permanent colors cannot lift or lighten natural hair color. These colors are meant to give you a hair makeover while softening and repairing the bleach damage.

  • If you need to use a second color to achieve the desired shade, make sure to do your research about color theory, that being said we suggest you ask for help. 
  • As Semi-Permanent colors don’t damage the cuticle, it is safe to color or layer/mix the colors more than once in a single day
  • It is SAFE to color twice in one day if it is the need of the hour. 
  • You can always experiment with new styles and hairdos if you don't end up with your desired colors and go for a bleach wash later.

When it comes to hair coloring with semi-permanent hair colors, people often ask, If it’s okay to color every month?

So, we say YES!

Paradyes Semi-Permanent Hair Color are highly pigmented and are conditioner based & will leave your hair, Colored and nourished at the same time!
Go Ahead and Experiment with new styles, Every Month! 

Nonetheless, despite how many colors or which color you apply, do not forget The Aftercare. To protect your scalp, length, and roots. Apply a Hair Mask to avoid fading.

You can always try home-made remedies, style your colored-hair as you like it.( Share some tips with us too :O) 
Semi Permanent hair color is just a colored layer of pigment on your hair and there is nothing to worry about. 


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