Paradyes is India's first semi-permanent hair color brand. Established in March 2021, we've come a long way since then and it's all because of YOU guys that we have reached this far. Our aim was to build a community of hair color enthusiasts who believe in expressing themselves through colors. And we are proud to say that we have more than 70K+ hair color enthusiasts with the number only increasing day by day. You must be wondering, how did it all start? 

P.S. If you want to know what happened in Shark Tank, scroll till the end!

When did Paradyes start?

After experimenting, researching and developing the products for over one year, the brand was finally live in 2021. We received our first order on 9 March, 2021 and the no. has only been on the rise ever since! 

The initial stages of designing the brand language and the brand identity started way back in early 2019. After a lot hit and trial and brainstorming sessions regarding the name, the logo, the initial color range, the team finally decided to go ahead with "Birds of Paradyes" inspired by the iconic colors of the birds of paradise. And that is when it all began.  


Who is the CEO of Paradyes?

Yushika Jolly, our founder, has been coloring her hair since the age of 17. There is absolutely no hair color in our range that she hasn't experimented with. How awesome is that, right? She's completed her Masters from London and has a Bachelor's degree in design from NIFT. 

Banking on her family business of color dyes, she decided to work with hair professionals and research experts to curate a range of gorgeous hair colors infused with herbal extracts, especially for Indian hair as she wanted fellow hair color enthusiasts in India to be able to find fun and vibrant hair coloring options readily available in the market. 

Where are Paradyes products manufactured?

The brand’s USP product is Semi-Permanent hair dye, however, over a short span of one year, we have launched other products such as temporary hair colors, a pre-lightening kit, hair conditioner, a hair care range enriched with flax and quinoa, toning shampoo, and much more. We are proudly made in India and all our products are manufactured in-house at our production unit situated in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. 

Did Paradyes get a deal on Shark Tank India Season 2? 

The brand participated in Shark Tank India by clearing multiple rounds alongside 60,000 participants over a span of 3 months. Only 200 brands were selected for the final round. We wanted to educate more and more people about hair coloring and how they can achieve a colorful hair makeover from the comfort of their home. While we can't wait for the episode to be out ourselves, stay tuned for the "dirty game"!
Find out whether we got the deal or not, what the sharks had to say and more in our episode coming out super soon!