We heard you when you said, bleach scares you!

But there are some hair makeovers that make all your hair color dreams come true in 2 minutes. How cool is that?

But what is this new magic? How long will it stay?

The answer is temporary hair colors!

Not all  new surprises should stop you from having fun and making the most of the colors that the world has to offer! 

So, here we are making the concept of temporary colors easier to understand so it doesn’t seem too much for you to try.

Let us address the most basic question…

What are temporary colors & are they worth buying?

Temporary hair colors basically refer to a commitment-free relationship with colors (for the ones in a situationship with trust issues!)

1 shampoo session is all it takes for you to wash off the color. 

Welcome, to all your wacky and spontaneous hair color adventures, Violet Mondays, Denim Tuesdays, and of course on Wednesdays we wear Pink! - We’ve got 6 Colors for 6 Days.

Explore Our Range
  1. Candy Pink: Your pink-hair fantasy can now be a reality. Join the Barbie hair gang with this vivid hue!
    Pink Temporary Color
  2. Wild Violet: POV- You want vibrant violet hair & we have the best in store for you!

  3. Denim Blue: Your cue to go blue and shimmer all day.
  4. Glitter Gold: It’s exactly how it sounds, shiny & sparkly with a hint of classy.
  5. Poison Purple: Very Berry extraordinary Purple hair is just 60 seconds away.
  6. Bullet Silver: Stand out is the crowd. Let your hair do the talking!

How are they different from Semi-Permanent Hair Colors?
Even though they sound similar, semi-permanent hair colors and temporary hair colors are as different as tea & coffee.


Both of them are hair colors but have completely different feels & textures. 

Semi-Permanent hair colors are for people who are comfortable with bleaching and committing to hair colors for a more extended period of time (in comparison to 1 wash hair color)

Coloring your hair with semi-permanent or temporary colors is a DIY process but temporary literally takes 2 minutes, whereas semi-permanent requires more time and steps.

  • On the other hand, temporary hair colors are soft in nature. 
  • You can get rid of them after a fun time with one wash.
  • It does not require pre-lightening or bleaching of hair for the best results.
  • Just apply the best hair color, comb it and slay!
  • Even intense colors - purple, pink, or golden- can be easily applied effortlessly to  black hair. 
  • Barbie hair or unicorn or just a dash of gold for the New Years' party, you need this to stand

    Watch this space for more Temporary Hair Color and care-related blogs.

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