Do long colorful, shiny and lustrous hair seem like a far fetched dream to you? Do you think hair coloring will damage your precious long hair? Are you hesitant about bleaching those extra lengths that you’ve maintained so well? We’ll clarify all your queries and by the end of this blog, you will have plenty of assurance and inspirations for coloring up those beautiful lengths!

If you are a beginner and it’s your first time coloring your long hair, keep the following things in mind:

1. Visit the salon for pre-lightening/ bleaching

We suggest you visit a professional and get pre-lightening done from a hair stylist. Bleaching is an irreversible process, so until and unless you are prepared for the change, do not opt for a global look in the first go. Although you can definitely bleach your hair at home.

2. Consider your hair quality

The next thing to take into consideration would be your hair quality, if your hair is frizzy and try irrespective of the texture (Straight, wavy, curly) then you should be quite careful while bleaching. Provide extra nourishment and care to your hair to make sure that they are strong enough to undergo bleaching and coloring thereafter. 

3. Choose warm colors to start with

Achieving true results with cooler tones can get tricky and you might end up with an undesired look if you haven’t done your research beforehand. With cooler tones, you might have to bleach your hair twice. You will also have to tone your blonde base (Level 9 and above) so that when you deposit a cool color, it doesn’t mix with your undertones. 

As for the hair coloring part, with paradyes semi-permanent hair colors, you needn’t worry at all. Our semi-permanent hair colors are infused with extracts of herbal ingredients such as Amla, Aloe-vera, Bhringraj and Brahmi. These colors are conditioner based and will leave your hair feeling soft, colorful and frizz-free. Read on to checkout the various look that our stunning #Parafam people have tried and how you can achieve them too!

Here are some absolutely gorgeous looks that our long haired consumers are rocking: 

Berrylicious ombre hair

This is probably the easiest look to try. Our semi-permanent hair colors, Rubra Red and Carola Pink show up well even on lower levels of bleach. So all you need to do is bleach the ends of your hair and if you have brown hair you can apply the color all over. This will result in vibrant ends, with deeper roots and you’ll get the ombre look of your dreams.


Grapeful for these stunning money-pieces! ;)

If you’ve got long and straight hair, getting some money-pieces can work wonders for you. Money-pieces essentially help in accentuating the outlines of your face and make your facial features stand out. Comrii Purple and Carola Pink can be used to create a custom color for this look.


Multi-tonal waves

If you’ve been in the hair coloring game for quite some time now, then you can definitely experiment with multiple hair coloring techniques together just like the one pictured here. A global look can be created using Mayeri Green and Superba Aqua for the short curtain bangs.


A fire-y split dye look

Again, if you are comfortable with going global, a unique split dye look will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Raggiana Orange and Rubra Red can be used to create the hot and fierce combination as shown below. 


Cute AF violet under lights

You can also color only the innermost layer of your hair or the layer underneath your hair, it’s basically the strands around and behind your ear and neck. With this hair coloring technique, you can flaunt colored hair as per your preference. Use Crinkle Violet and Conditioner to get these stunning lavender underlights.


Double colored ombre

There’s no such thing as too many colors ;) You can layer one on top of the other or you can layer one below the other, it depends only on two things: your creativity and the hair colors you want! Color up your curls with a mix of Comrii Purple, Carola Pink and Raggiana Orange to achieve the look as shown below. 


Trust us when we say that once you start coloring your hair, there is no looking back! ;)