Who said you need to be a professional to get colorful hair? All you need is a bit of creativity, some inspiration from our Instagram handle, and your favorite semi permanent hair colors! Read on to find out some hacks for creating the most stunning multi-tonal hair color looks at home.

1. A Variety Of Hair Colors Is A Must

In order to create any colorful hair look, what’s the first thing that you need? A lot of hair colors ofc! Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with the paradyes Sample Box which contains 15g of each of our vibrant and bright 15 hair colors and 15g of our Color Care Conditioner. The pigment in each mini jar is enough for one strand. You can add highlights or create multicolored money pieces too!

2. Use Cling Film Rolls

Say, you’ve put Rubra Red on one strand, Carola Pink on the other, Raggiana Orange on another, Superba Aqua and everything else. Now, the question is, how do you ensure that these hair colors don’t mix together? You use Cling Film to separate the colored strands! You can also use aluminum foil, however, it is easier to use Cling Film. While washing, remove the Film one by one to ensure that the color doesn’t mix while bleeding during the hair wash process. 

3. Layer Hair Colors Wisely

Apply a lighter hair color and then go for something darker below it. For example, when creating an ombre look, you can apply Carola Pink on the middle portion of your hair and Crinkle Violet on the tips of your hair colors. This way, when the hair color bleeds while washing, the lighter pigment will not be able to cover the darker one. Unlike when you go a for a reverse ombre, Crinkle Violet would mix with Carola Pink on the tips of your hair. 

4. Section Your Hair Properly

Do a different hair color on your money pieces, a different one for the bottom layer of your hair, something different on the top layer and so on. A better segregation of your hair portions will help in separating the variety of hair colors you decide to apply. For eg. the Rudolphi Blue on your money pieces won’t mix with the Mayeri Green on your underlights and that won’t mix with the Superba Aqua on the top most layer of your hair. 

5. Confidence To Ace The Look

And lastly, you’ve got to be confident about this multicolored hair look cos you’ll have heads turning when you go out and about. You’ll have people asking you how you created the hair color look, some might even just stare in awe. You need to know why you did them locks so colorful and what it means to you without caring about what others might say. So consider this as your motivation to ace your stunning multicolored hair look. 

These are hacks that no one is going to tell you even if you ask them. It’s what team Paradyes has picked after multiple rounds of experimentations. So y’all know that these are some well tested secrets and they cannot go wrong if applied properly!

Get going and create your multi-tonal hair color look now!

Cover image source: Pinterest