Team Paradyes has been bleaching their hair for the longest time now. This means we’ve also tried and tested a lot of hacks and made a lot of mistakes previously. We’re sharing some things you need to remember before bleaching your hair at home in this blog.

1. How long should you keep the bleach?

If you are going from jet black to blonde for the first time, do not keep the bleach for more than 45 minutes. Also, keep checking at regular intervals if you have achieved the desired shade. Now suppose you already have colored hair or you have faded bleached hair and you want to achieve a platinum base. Then, in that case, keep the bleach for 30 minutes, and after that check, if you have the desired base. 

The Paradyes Lighten Up! Bleach will lift your natural pigments and help you achieve a bleached base varying between Level 4 to Level 6 if you are using it on black hair. Hence, to get a platinum base, you will have to bleach your hair twice with this product. 

2. Bleaching your hair twice

The damage caused by bleach is manageable, however, you should still avoid it. If you are a first-timer, then we suggest you bleach only once to start with. After that, you can experiment with a few hair colors before bleaching again. Allow your hair to replenish for another 3 months before bleaching again. When you bleach the second time, you will get a platinum base. 

If you have been coloring regularly, then you know that for getting vibrant results, our semi permanent hair color shows up best on a platinum base. To get this lightest blonde or Level 10 hair, either you visit a salon or bleach your hair twice at home. This clearly means that it is very much possible to bleach already bleached or colored hair.

All you need to ensure is that your hair feels healthy otherwise bleaching twice may lead to it becoming extremely frizzy and untamable. 

3. Washing your hair


The oils already present on your scalp and in your strands help beat the damage caused due to bleaching. That is why we’d advise you to not wash your hair right before you go for bleach. If you really have to wash your hair then do it at least 3 days prior to going for the pre-lightening process. Because even the most chemical-free shampoos can strip your hair of its natural nutrients. 


Ensure that you wash your hair only with shampoo and not a conditioner before depositing the color on your bleached hair. If you use a conditioner, the cuticles opened after bleaching will close and may hinder the color deposition process. The shampoo will make sure that all the lightener is washed off from your hair. So in simple steps:

1) Bleach your hair
2) Wash with shampoo only
3) Color your hair
4) Rinse with conditioner only

4. Bleaching permanently dyed hair or box dyed hair

You should probably visit your salon specialist and ask them if you can bleach your box-dyed hair. Everyone has a different experience when it comes to dying and bleaching as it also highly depends on hair porosity and the strength of your hair. We do not recommend that you bleach chemically treated hair without professional guidance.

5. Just go for it!

Want to create a core memory? Color your hair on your own. It will be one of the most liberating experiences you will have. Do something special for yourself, give yourself your dream makeover from scratch. We’ll obviously be proud of you but you’ll give yourself a new identity and it’ll definitely help you take on the challenges this world throws with much more courage!!