25 Commonly Asked Questions About Hair Coloring Paradyes

25 Commonly Asked Questions About Hair Coloring

by Anushka Arora on Dec 05, 2022

Looking at your favorite celebrities and getting inspired to color your hair?

Intrigued to have bleach-blonde highlights or are you a fan of red hair?

But don't know where to start? 
Read along as we answer your doubts, one at a time. 

Planning to tick off coloring your hair, from your 2022 bucket list? 

We’re here to help put your mind at ease with the answers to the top 25 most commonly asked questions about coloring your hair! 

1. Should I color my hair myself or will I need help?

Every Sherlock needs Watson!

If you are coloring your hair for the first time & need some help with bleaching or pre-lightening, you can ask someone to do it or maybe grow an extra pair of octopus hands and do it! Just kidding, it’s always a good idea to have a friend help you out when you start dying your hair.

2. Will coloring my hair damage it? 

Our conditioner-based semi-permanent dyes do not damage your hair but are nourishing and can help you fix some of the bleach damage as well. They simply deposit on your hair and fade slowly with each wash leaving behind colorful and conditioned hair.

3. What's the difference between semi-permanent and demi-permanent hair colors?

The super simple difference is, demi-permanent colors require a low-volume developer and are used to darken your current hair color. They last for up to 30 washes. Semi-permanent on the other hand last for up to 8-10 washes. No developer is required.

4. Will paradyes color cover my grey hair? 

Oops! No, our colors can not be used to cover up your greys. Semi-permanent colors cannot be used for root cover-ups as natural grey hair is not porous enough for the color to deposit on it. The color will slip off from the roots, just like this year did…

5. How often should I shampoo after coloring my hair?

After you color your hair, wait for at least 24 hours before shampooing your hair. However, you may rinse it off immediately with the Color Care Conditioner. 

6. How long do I wait before recoloring my hair with a different color?

Allow the first color to fade off before refreshing it or applying a different color. It ideally takes 8-10 washes for the color to fade off. You can color your hair again after 1 month. 

7. Can I lighten and color my hair on the same day? 

Yes! You can pre-lighten your hair and allow it to air-dry. Post that you can go ahead with applying the color to your hair. 

8. Can I lighten my hair a couple of levels without bleaching my hair?

If you are trying to go from a dark shade color to a light shade of color, you will need to bleach the hair. 

9. Should I get my hair cut before or after coloring?

It is suggested to chop off your hair before you color them. You’ll save on your hair color and you can get the desired look as well. So chop it, and comb it, before coloring it! 

10. Does hair type (straight or curly) affect color timing?

Yep, curly hair takes more time to absorb color, so you can keep the color in your hair for more than 30 minutes. Fine hair generally takes less time to absorb the color. 

11. Do I need to bleach my hair before I color it?

If you already have pre-lightened or bleached hair you don't need to bleach it again, otherwise, yes. You can bleach your hair once for colors like red, pink, and purple. For colors like blue, you will have to bleach twice to achieve a platinum base and then tone your hair to neutralize unwanted yellow or orange tones that appear after bleaching. 

12. How do I know if I am allergic to hair colors?

Our Semi-permanent colors are viewed as safe to utilize as they are free of Ammonia, Peroxide, Parabens, and Sulfates. 

We suggest you test them on a region of your skin behind the year or the inner side of the elbow before going ahead.

13. Will oiling fade my hair? 

Oiling is an important step in your hair care routine if you wish to maintain your colored hair and keep them shiny and glossy at all times. However, it will lead to the color fading faster. Though, you need not worry as you will get a beautiful pastel shade with each fade. 

14. How long can I keep the bleach in my hair?

The maximum amount of time you should leave the bleach on your hair is for 45-60 minutes.

15. Can I bleach my hair twice on the same day? 

Yes, you can.
With level 1 hair, you might need 2 rounds of bleaching to reach an optimum level for getting vibrant results with colors like blue or grey. After the first round of bleach, apply oil on your hair, wait for a little while and then go for the second round.
You can do the same immediately also, if your hair feels healthy.

16. When should I use a hair toner?

Blue toning shampoo allows you to have platinum finish hair or white hair or the perfect neutral hair color base and helps in getting rid of those yellow/orange brassy tones that may appear after bleaching. So if you want to apply cool hair color, you should definitely tone your hair after bleaching.

17. Is hair color best applied on wet or dry hair?

It is best to apply hair color on dry hair as the cuticle has enough space to absorb the dye pigment when it is dry. Unlike when it is wet, it absorbs the water first and no space is left in the cuticle to absorb the dye. 

18. When to apply a hair mask?

You can mask your hair twice a week before shampoo & conditioner for better hair health.

19. Do I need to pre-lighten my hair every time before I color my hair?

That truly depends on your original hair color and the choice of hair color you go for next. It is not necessary to pre-lighten your hair again and again. But if you wish to change the tone of your hair color from red to blue then you will have to bleach it again depending on your previous base hair color.

20. Can I mix/layer colors?

Yes, to create some amazing DIY ombré or to retouch your faded hair, go ahead with other colors on it. Read more on how to mix hair colors here. 

21. Can I bleach my keratin-treated hair?

No! We recommend you not bleach keratin-treated hair. If it has been more than 6 months then we recommend that you consult your stylist before coloring your hair. 

22. Is sunlight a factor in color fading?

Yes, Sunlight does its work on your colored hair. The more exposure your hair gets to the sun, the faster the color will fade upon washing. 

23. Is a strand test important before coloring my hair?

The coloring part is easy, you have to apply the color and let it stay. But the strand test is more crucial than it seems. It will tell you the result that you will get and help you in deciding whether you really want to go ahead with that look or not. 

24. How can I speed up the fading process?

Crush up some Vitamin C powder in shampoo and wash your hair with the mixture. It’ll work wonders and help you speed up the fading process. We’d love to see what color you pick up next! :) 

25. What should be my haircare regime after coloring?

The only difference is you need to use color-care shampoos & conditioners. You can add a color care butter mask to your regime too for extra nourishment and moisture. It will have a color-lock formula that helps in retaining the color while making it healthier. 

😮‍💨 That was it?

Or do you have more questions? Ask us your doubts and queries on Instagram.

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