New to the hair coloring world, bored of your basic browns & blacks?
Or don’t wanna stick to one single color for too long (commitment issues, eh?)

Let’s switch it up now!
Keep your doubts at bay, we’ve got your back.

So let's start by understanding what is Semi-permanent hair color ?

It is a temporary solution to changing your hair color. Think of it as a way to try out new colors after a few washes without the burden of permanently dying your hair.

Semi-permanent color is vastly underrated, it delivers vibrant color w/o the commitment or damage.

For how long does semi-permanent hair color stay?

Paradyes’ semi-permanent hair color lasts for upto 8-10 washes. This means you can switch from yellow to green to blue and back again, in a couple of weeks without damaging your hair. 

Tips and Tricks to make the best out of Paradyes hair color

  • For the best results of semi-permanent color, you need to pre-lighten/ bleach your hair to a level of 5 or above. Lighter the hair, brighter the dye deposits on your hair. 
  • These colors can be mixed together or with a conditioner to get a different hue. Example -  you can mix Yellow and Orange together to get a different color of Red. 
  • You can also mix the conditioner with your desired color to get a pastel color.
  • As the beauty of semi-permanent color lies in it being commitment-free, the color keeps fading beautifully with every wash.
  • These colors are conditioner based, so they won’t damage your hair and undo the bleach damage too.
  • You can also speed up the fading process by crushing up some Vitamin C powder in shampoo and washing your hair with the mixture.
  • Oiling or masking is an important step of the hair care regime, and these colors won’t be a barrier and will allow you to maintain your hair health.
  • These are suitable for all hair types and are filled with natural goodness. 
  • To make the color stay for long, use color-care shampoos & conditioners. You can also add a color care butter mask to your regime for extra nourishment and moisture.

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