While you might have been coloring your hair on a regular basis, have you ever wondered what would happen if you dyed wet hair? It is definitely something that makes one curious. Let’s find out if it’s possible to use semi-permanent hair colors on wet hair!

But before that, let us answer another highly-asked question.

Can you wash your hair right before coloring it?

Before coloring, you will have to bleach your hair. We suggest you don’t wash your hair right before bleaching it. This is because your hair has natural oils that can protect it from chemical damage. The sebum in your hair can protect your scalp and minimize irritation if you’re planning to bleach your entire head.

Now moving on to the coloring part, you should ensure that your hair is clean and wash it thoroughly before diving into the hair coloring process. The next thing that you might think about is whether it’s okay to apply the dye immediately after washing your hair. Read along to know more about the same!

Is it alright if you dye wet hair?

Paradyes semi-permanent hair colors are conditioner based. So it is best to use these dyes when your hair is dry. This will allow you to enjoy the maximum benefits of the product. Not only will your hair become colorful but also it will feel nourished and moisturized due to the deep conditioning that the dye provides.

When your hair is wet, it absorbs water and that leaves no space in your hair cuticle to absorb the hair color pigment. While washing, it is possible that some shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils temporarily before you apply a conditioner or a hair mask. This makes your hair extremely vulnerable and prone to damage when it is wet. So if you plan to color your hair at home with one of our DIY dyes or kits then we advise you not to use it on wet hair. 

3 Reasons to NOT dye your hair while it’s wet

1) The color will not deposit well

As explained above, if your hair is wet, there is no space in your cuticle to absorb more dye. Since Paradyes hair colors are conditioner based and not water-based, it’s not possible to get desired results by applying the color on wet hair.

2) Better coverage on dry hair 

The hair colors have a creamy texture and it feels like you’re applying a hair mask when you apply the product onto dry hair. The dye can be distributed and applied evenly on dry hair with the help of an application brush. It’ll make sure that you get vibrant and bold results on each strand! You’ve got a chance to choose your favorite hue from a range of 15 best semi-permanent hair colors.

3) Possibilities of hair damage

As you must have heard, it is advised not to comb your hair while it's wet if you don’t have a hair cream or leave-in conditioner in your hair. That is because post a rinse, your freshly washed hair becomes prone to damage. If you apply semi-permanent hair colors on wet hair, it may cause unwanted reactions. Since you certainly don’t want that to happen...don't use the dye on wet hair! 

P.P.S. We suggest you don’t wash your hair immediately post applying the hair color and allow it some time to stay on your strands. You can go ahead with one conditioner rinse post keeping the hair dye in your hair for 30 minutes. However, don’t use shampoo as that will lead to the color bleeding out.