What are semi-permanent hair colors?

No, it’s not just any normal color, definitely not something used for painting, well technically you do use it to paint your hair but you know what we’re saying, right? Exactly. Semi permanent hair color is pigment that you can use to color pre-lightened hair and give yourself a new look. Paradyes semi permanent hair colors can be used to create ombre hair, highlights, money-piece, and any other fun hairstyle!

Semi-permanent hair colors last for up to 8-10 washes and fade with every wash. The best part about Paradyes semi-permanent hair colors is that you can rock a new look with every wash as #Parafade is either an ashy color or a beautiful pastel hair color!

These semi-permanent hair colors allow you to experiment with new looks and you can change your look as per your mood. Get a new personality with every hair color that you change. You can refresh your hair color or apply a new shade on top of it. Keep experimenting with new looks every day! 

Why should you use semi-permanent hair colors?

Well, you’ve gotta try something new and fun and experimental so ofc you need to use these semi-permanent hair colors and give yourself a colorful hair makeover at home all by yourself! Do we even need to tell you that? 

But, here are some really good benefits and advantages of using semi-permanent hair colors.

1. They fade

Semi-permanent hair colors last for about a month if you wash your hair twice a week. And then you can refresh your hair color or use another semi-permanent hair color to get a refreshing new look! These semi-permanent hair colors last for only 8-10 washes on average. 

2. Free from harmful chemicals 

These semi-permanent hair colors are free from harmful chemicals and contain herbal extracts. These natural ingredients just add to the nourishment that the semi-permanent hair colors provide your hair with. 

3. It does not damage your hair

This is a very common myth! Semi-permanent hair colors do not damage your hair. The pre-lightening process might cause damage but that is reversible if you take care of your hair properly. We’ve got a blog on post-coloring hair care! Give it a read. Paradyes semi-permanent hair colors don’t contain ammonia or peroxide and won’t damage your hair.

4. Adds color, shine, and luster 

All these semi-permanent hair colors do is add some super bright and vibrant color pigments to your hair and since paradyes semi-permanent hair colors are conditioner based, they also add an extra shine and luster to your hair. Leaving them vibrant and full of life literally! 

How to use semi-permanent hair color?

  1. Pre-lighten your hair using the Paradyes Lighten Up! Bleach, yes you can lighten your hair at home all by yourself. Read here for all the tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind.
  2. Decide the semi-permanent hair color that you want to use, visit our Instagram handle to take inspiration for the various hair color styles that you can try, or simply check out the ideas that we have shared on our blogs.
  3. Ensure that you perform a strand test before applying the semi-permanent hair color on all the chosen portions of your hair. 
  4. Wear gloves throughout the process. Use the brush provided in the pack to apply the semi-permanent hair color on your sectioned hair.
  5. Allow the semi-permanent hair color to sit on your hair for 30-60 minutes.
  6. And that’s it! Just rinse of the semi-permanent hair color with the Color Care Conditioner

Now that you know exactly what semi-permanent hair colors are and why you should use them, you’ve got to try these!

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