Yeppp, it’s possible to mix any two of your favorite Paradyes semi-permanent hair colors! And guess what is cooler? We’ve got some super awesome combos that you can never go wrong! 

The idea is definitely to allow your imagination to run wild and go crazy with mixing as many colors as you can but if you’re confused and need some suggestions, keep reading ;)

You’ll have 2 options when it comes to mixing hair colors. Either you mix the semi-permanent hair dyes in a bowl and then apply the custom shade on your hair or you can use multiple shades on different sections of your hair to create an ombre or other such looks. 

Here are the steps you need to follow to mix 2 or more Paradyes semi-permanent hair colors together:

1. Choose the colors you wish to mix

We’ve already got the following combos which you can get together:

Apart from this, you can pick any other color that you wish to mix to create your own variant of the hair dye.

2. Yeah, it’ll feel no less than a chemistry lab experiment! 

The ratio in which you decide to mix the hair colors will give you varied results. Read more about it here. You can also combine all Paradyes semi-permanent hair colors with the Color Care Conditioner to create your own pastel shades

With regards to the combos mentioned above, here are the results you’ll get if you mix them in equal parts:

  • Carola Pink + Comrii Purple = Dark Magenta 
  • Mayeri Green + Saxony Yellow = Lime 
  • Comrii Purple + Rudolphi Blue = Bright Violet
  • Rudolphi Blue + Mayeri Green = Aquamarine 
  • Raggiana Orange + Carola Pink = Coral Pink

3. If you intend on creating a multicolored look directly on your hair, do this:

Take the first color and apply it to the desired portion of your hair, wrap that portion with plastic wrap and then move on to the next portion on which you wish to apply a different color. This will ensure that the 2 colors don’t mix up. You can have different colored money-pieces and underlights, or an ombre with 2 or 3 colors or multicolored hair with 4-5 colors and so much more! It all depends on which color you feel like wearing in your hair ;) 

Checkout out Parafam in multicolored looks below!





4. Keep this in mind!

If you go for a multicolored look directly on your hair as stated above, then ensure that you apply the lighter color above and the darker color on your tips. Or you can make sure that there is enough natural hair between the multicolored portions so that the colors don’t bleed and mix after you wash your hair. Here are a few more hacks you can keep in mind when doing multiple colors.

All our hair dyes are conditioner based and as mentioned earlier, you can mix conditioner with any of these combinations to create your own pastel hair color. So now that you know how you can achieve a multi-colored hairstyle, why not give it a shot and have the funkiest hair in town? You can even use our Sample Box if you want to try something unique and have all 15 hair colors in your hair!