You know we’ve got Rudolphi Blue, but that’s a semi-permanent hair color. You also know we’ve got Sapphire Navy, but that again is a navy blue semi-permanent hair color. Then, the question is, what exactly is this new Blue Toning Shampoo that we have just launched? 

Don’t worry, your confusion is perfectly genuine. But, we’ve got you covered like always! Fine Tone is your all-in-one solution for all those post-bleaching undertones, faded blues, and dull-looking hair. This blog covers the steps that you can follow to tone your hair. 

To start with, what is toning and why do you need to tone your hair? 

If you’ve bleached or pre-lightened your hair using the Paradyes Lighten Up! Bleach Pack at home or have got your hair lightened at the salon, you might have experienced brassy/ yellow/ orange undertones. Depending on your natural hair color and the composition of your hair, you might experience post-bleaching undertones, or certain orange/ yellow-colored tones might appear on your blonde hair. 

(To reach level 9, you will have to use our bleaching kit twice. If you wish to go for a platinum base, we suggest you take professional guidance)

Toning is the process that helps you neutralize your base and cut off these undertones to give you an even blonde base for that perfect hair color application. It’s simple color theory, the blue pigments in the shampoo merge with the brassy undertones in your hair giving you that neutral shade. And you know what? You can perform a small test with crayons to understand! Use a blue crayon over an orange one and see the results that you get. 

Moving on, here is how you can tone your hair:

Step 1: Bleach your hair with the Paradyes Lighten Up! Bleach Pack

Yes, you can bleach your hair at home. You can achieve a Level 4-6 base if you bleach once and a Level 8-9 if you bleach your hair twice. If you want a perfect platinum base and are a beginner, we suggest you visit the salon and take professional guidance. Read more about how you can bleach your hair at home. 

Step 2: Tone your hair 

Now, instead of rinsing with your regular shampoo, rinse your bleached hair with the blue toning shampoo. Lather the shampoo by mixing it with an extremely slight amount of water before applying it to your hair. Don’t apply the blue shampoo on your hair directly as that might cause the blue pigment to stain your bleached base. However, once you lather it up, the pigment will wash off. So there’s nothing much to worry about here.

1. Take a small amount of the blue shampoo


2. Lather up the shampoo with a small amount of water


3. Apply the shampoo on your bleached or cool colored hair 


Step 3: Apply the Conditioner

To top it off, use the Paradyes Color Care Conditioner to get silky smooth, glossy, and shiny platinum or blonde hair. Remember to apply the conditioner only on your hair strands and not your scalp. Wait for 3 minutes and let the conditioner do its magic, then just rake your fingers through your hair to detangle it. Rinse off the conditioner and air dry your hair. 

This toning shampoo can also be used regularly if your hair has cool colored portions. (Superba Aqua, Rudolphi Blue, Crinkle Violet, Sapphire Navy) It’ll help you in retaining your hair color and refresh those cool tones with ease. 

Just like a normal shampoo, the Paradyes Fine Tone Toning Shampoo also has a shine-enhancing formula and it provides that extra luster to your hair to make it look glossy and vibrant. The Paradyes Color Care Conditioner just acts as the cherry on the top as it detangles your hair and leaves it frizz-free too! 

Now that you’ve got the steps for using a blue shampoo and toning your hair post-bleaching, make sure that you get that perfect neutral base before you apply the semi-permanent hair colors onto your hair!