Conditioner + Colors = Pretty Pastels

Wondering how to create pastel colors using our conditioner? We heard you! It seems like coloring your hair in pastels is the new cool and we’d definitely want all our Para-people to hop onto this trend. What’s more, you don’t even have to worry about the fading because that’ll just be a fun new look for you to rock. Read on to find out the pastel palettes you can create by mixing our conditioner and colors.

Bleach Level

Well, you gotta lose something to gain something right? For a pastel color to pop, you’ll need the lightest possible level of bleach. Now, if you’re a beginner, we suggest you take professional help, cos you don’t wanna mess up your first ever hair color. Pastel colors show up best on a light blonde base or highlights so you'd require a Level 9 Bleach. Bleaching to this level has it’s own pros and cons so do check out our blog called Bleaching 101 before you give in to your pastel color cravings.

What you’ll need

If you’re confident about bleaching and coloring your hair at home, then make sure you keep all your supplies handy. For a pastel look, you’ll need a good amount of conditioner along with your favourite Paradyes color jar. Also keep a mixing bowl, spatula, gloves, application brushes, sectioners and sanitizer for the process. We’ve got a blog for you - Color your hair at home.

Some Pastel Looks for you to ace

We’ve curated some versatile combinations of pastel looks which y’all can ace. 4 Parts Conditioner + 1 Part Carola Pink = Cotton Candy Pink
4 Parts Conditioner + 1 Part Crinkle Violet = Lustrous Lavendar
4 Parts Conditioner + 1 Part Raggiana Orange = Blorange Blast
4 Parts Conditioner + 1 Part Superba Aqua +
Half Part Mayeri Green = Misty Mint Green
4 Parts Conditioner + 1 Part Comrii Purple +
Half Part Crinkle Violet = Berry Swirl
4 Parts Conditioner + 1 Part Rudolphi Blue +
Half Part Mayeri Green = Dusky Mermaid Hair

If you’re up for something more, then you can go for an all out unicorn look by mixing different colors with a good amount of conditioner. It’s all about your creativity, you can mix and blend as many colors as you want. Be it a pastel ombre, a global look or just some cool highlights.

Maintaining your Magical Hair

Say no to heat!
Even using the best hair care products won’t help if you use too much heat or style your pastel hair too much. We’d say keeping your looks natural would be the best option. So instead of blow drying your hair, you gotta let it air dry. And you’ll have to say goodbye to your best friends, the hair straightener, curler and other styling tools.

A Cold Shower
Ensure that you wash your hair with cold water, it’ll also help you tame the frizz caused due to heavy bleaching and won’t let the color fade faster. Be kind to your hair and do ‘em a favour by not washing them with hot water.

Mask it up!
Add a hair mask to your hair care routine once a week. Consider using sulfate free products along with the hair mask. Treat your hair with care and we can guarantee that your pastel look will have heads turning everywhere.

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