Don’t wanna go too red, too orange, too yellow, or too pink? Mix them up! Paradyes semi permanent hair colors are conditioner-based and super easy to mix. You can create your own custom shades based on the looks you’re trying to achieve. It’s time to literally put on your creative hats and get your unique hair color transformation.

Let’s discuss these colors individually first and then we’ll tell you the variety of shades you can create using these 4 colors or additionally adding the Paradyes Color Care Conditioner for pastel shades. 

The Red Hair Phase

Your hair coloring journey is incomplete if you haven’t had a red hair phase. And for all the Taylor Swift fans out there, you gotta try Rubra Red at least once. If you know, you know. This dye is highly pigmented and if you’re a beginner, you needn’t worry about bleaching to higher levels as this color will show up well even on a level 6 or level 7 base. It also shows up as a tint on brown or light brown hair without bleaching. 


Image source: @girl_with_longhair

Orange is Underrated 

The fire emoji personified would be you if you had orange hair. Raggiana Orange instantly gives you a different identity and allows you to feel confident from within. You could be a ginger head too if you’re a Ronald Weasely fan. This color deposits well on a level 7 bleach and it fades into the cutest peachy hues. If you have it in you, you could end up looking lit AF in bright Raggiana Orange as well as the faded one. 


Image source: @hritikibole

Yell-ow, Yellow

You could match your hair with the sun, the sunflower, and every other thing that’s yellow and makes you happy with our vibrant Saxony Yellow hair dye. This color sits well on a platinum base or the highest level of bleach, anything more than or equal to level 9. It’s a little tricky to achieve this perfect base in the first go and you should take professional help if needed. An ochre yellow shade can be achieved on a darker base. 

Image source: @jahnviss

Pink Pop on the go

This is one of the easiest shades to deposit. It will show up no matter what. Unfortunately, Carola Pink wouldn’t show up on black hair but a tint will show up on light brown or brown hair. It shows up well on a level 7 bleached base. This should be your go-to color if you love all things pink or are experimenting with hair coloring for the first time. It can look like a neon hair color if applied over a platinum base. 

raze.en with tangerine hair color

Image source: @raze.en

Onto the color mixing bit now! 

There are multiple combinations that you can create, however, here are a few to start with along with some reference photos from Pinterest. Please ensure that you perform a strand test beforehand to avoid any unwanted outcomes.

Rubra Red (2 Part) + Saxony Yellow (2 Parts) = Tangerine, a hue not as bright and vibrant as orange but orange enough. Would ideally show up well on a level 8 base. 

girl with berry mix hair color

Rubra Red (1 Part) + Carola Pink (3 Parts) = Berry Mix, a shade darker than pink, more like a maroon-ish pink tone. Will show up well on a level 7 or above base.

girl with coral hair color

Raggiana Orange (1.5 Parts) + Color Care Conditioner (2 Parts) + Carola Pink (1 Part) = Coral Color, the perfect blend of orange and pink, would show up well on a level 8 base and fade into the softest pinkish-peach hues. 

Raggiana Orange (1 Part) + Color Care Conditioner (3 Parts) = Peach, to apply this pastel color, you’ll have to reach a platinum base, and to maintain it, you can refresh your color by washing it with the same mixture every time.

Carola Pink (1 Part) + Color Care Conditioner (3 Parts) = Soft Pink/ Rose Gold, to apply this pastel color, you will again need the lightest base.

Photo credits: @sonamkhochilu

Apart from these combinations, there are plenty of shades that you can create on your own by mixing any other hair color dye that you like. We love seeing the awesome new looks you guys create with our colors so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @birdsofparadyes when you decide to color your hair!!