Societal pressure and self-doubt are two things that we despise to the core. These ideas just restrict you from being who you really want to be. You should be free to express yourself the way you want to. You absolutely shouldn’t be worried about questions like, which hair color will suit me? Will this hair color look good on me? What hair color would look best on me? Or What would people say if they saw me with colored hair? Because you aren’t answerable to anyone but yourself!

Let’s clear this out once and for all then. Every Paradyes semi permanent hair color will make YOU look stunning. It’s about the shade that you feel like wearing, that’s the one we urge you to try! Read on to find out more about “which hair color will suit you” and all other related questions. 

What factors to consider while choosing a hair color?

Well, we think, a few factors that you could consider while choosing your favorite hair color would be: What’s your mood like? Cos we’ve got a color for every mood Or What’s your favorite color? Or Do you just feel like refreshing your old hair color? On a serious note, Paradyes semi permanent hair color is vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. The only thing you should look out for while choosing the hair color would be the ingredients as mentioned on our website to ensure that you aren’t allergic to them. Do not go ahead with the hair colors if you have a sensitive scalp or sensitive skin around your neckline and scalp.

How will you know if the hair color you choose will suit you or not?

Too skeptical about the choice you’ve made? Follow us on Instagram @birdsofparadyes and scroll through to see how all our hair colors look on real people. There’s no color that members of parafam haven’t experimented with. Be it colorful curls, under lights with a pixie cut, bright bangs, long, lustrous, and multi-tonal straight hair, you name the style and you’ll definitely find it on our vibrant Instagram feed! If you’re still unsure and worried about how the color will show up, we always suggest that you perform a strand test before applying the hair color. All you have to do is take a small section of your hair, apply the color you’ve ordered and wash it off after some time to see how it looks!

We’ve curated a range of colors especially for Indian skin tone

Yepp, you read that right, we understand that not all of you would want to try our range of classic colors such as Rubra Red, Carola Pink, Rudolphi Blue, etc. since these colors give extremely vibrant results when applied on the lightest blonde or platinum base. 

We’ve curated a variety of deep and lustrous shades - The Jewel Tone Series which has 6 hair colors, namely, Sapphire Navy, Ruby Wine, Onyx Black, Moonstone Grey, Emerald Green, and Amethyst Plum. If royalty would require personification then it would be you wearing these extravagant hair color shades.

For the cooler tones in this range, you would need to bleach your hair to level 9 and then tone them to avoid the color from mixing with the yellow-orange undertones if you wish to achieve a brighter look. The warmer tones can be applied on hair bleached up to level 7. Read more about various hair color levels here. These colors fade into beautiful ashy hues, including the Onyx Black which fades into an icy blue color. Here are a few photos of how the colors from our Jewel Tone Series look.

Choose the best hair color for Indian curly hair

In the image: Sapphire Navy, Moonstone Grey

Choosing hair color based on Indian skin tone just became easier!

In the image: Saphhire Navy, Ruby Wine

And finally, it doesn’t matter whether your skin is wheatish, dusky, or brown. There is no such thing as “the best hair color for brown skin” or “the best hair color for wheatish skin” or “hair colors that would suit brown skin”. Paradyes semi permanent hair colour will suit you if you know how to own them! So what are you waiting for? Go and pick the hair color you love the most or would like to experiment with from our website and make us a part of your hair coloring journey! 

In the cover image: Emerald Green, Sapphire Navy