Have you ever experienced brassy tones post bleaching? Many naturally dark-haired people find that their hair, although lightened, is left with orangish/yellowish undertones after bleaching. This is quite common and totally natural, especially for those with dark hair. These brassy tones then go on to serve as the base for your hair color, and alter the results by mixing with your chosen shade. In case of warmer shades such as Rubra Red, Carola Pink or Raggiana Orange, these brassy tones interact wonderfully with the pigments and increase the vibrancy of the end result. Thus, in case you are going for such warm shades, the brassy post-bleach tone can aid you in achieving a more vivid result.

However, if your chosen shade is a cool shade like Rudolphi Blue or Mayeri Green, these brassy tones can become a major hindrance and prevent you from achieving the perfect shade. This is because cooler shades need a lighter, preferably blonde base to show up with their true pigments and vibrancy. Therefore, in such cases, it becomes crucial to eliminate these brassy tones before proceeding with color application. The process of removing these orange-yellow tones after bleaching is known as toning. This is the process that helps you achieve that perfectly platinum blonde base so that your color can show up with its true vibrancy.

Toning is a fairly simple process that you can easily perform at home with Paradyes. All you need is a few spoonfuls of Rudolphi Blue or Crinkle Violet and some conditioner. Violet sits opposite yellow on the color wheel, thus adding a hint of violet dye to your conditioner can neutralize the yellow tones in your hair and give you a platinum base. If your post bleach undertones lean more towards orange, you should go with blue dye instead, as these two shades are opposite each other on the color wheel and neutralize one another.

To tone, choose your shade based on your undertone, and mix one or two spoons of it with your conditioner. Apply it all over your hair like a mask after bleaching, keep it on for 10 minutes and rinse. Your hair should then be neutralized to blonde and will take up cooler shades more effectively.