Bleaching is a word that still brings anxiety to many- Confusions abound regarding the mixing process, application, processing time, and the frequency at which one can bleach their hair. Not to mention, most are scared about damaging their hair or even simply doing a bad, patchy job. Although bleaching your hair, in reality, is not as intimidating as it may seem, if you are still hesitant about the whole idea, a great option for you can be experimenting with color on unbleached hair. Read on to know how you can get the most optimum color results on natural, unbleached dark hair.

Paradyes Semi Permanent Color show up most vibrantly on bleached, lightened hair. The simple reason for this is that light hair takes bright colors easily, whereas for dark hair it is impossible to take on a lighter, brighter shade. However, if you have natural light brown hair, you can try to achieve subtle but results with shades like Rubra Red, Carola Pink, and even Comrii Purple in some extremely rare cases. Carola pink on unbleached light brown hair shows up like a very deep berry or wine shade, whereas Rubra Red gives an auburn shine in the sun to light brown hair. Comrii Purple on unbleached light brown hair will result in a deep plum shade, with a purple shine that shows up only in direct sunlight.

Another trick to achieve a subtle change in your look is simply going for the aforementioned shades if you already have caramel/mocha highlights, and revive them with a burst of color. The lighter your highlights, the more vibrant the color will show up on them. The same applies to grey hair, which takes up color more easily than dark hair. But in the case of gray roots, the color won’t cover them up. The color will however show up on the gray tips and length easily as the hair is more porous at tips than roots. 

It is important to note that the dark tints rendered by these shades will not be as vibrant on unbleached hair, but will show up subtly as shimmery tones in the sun, and will not show any changes on jet black hair. Also remember that unbleached hair has closed cuticles, which makes it tougher for color to penetrate deeper, resulting in a quicker fade. Tints on unbleached hair usually wash off completely in 2-3 washes, making them perfect for people wanting subtle, temporary changes.