Dyeing your hair is a form of self-expression. While some people express themselves through the clothes they wear, some express themselves through their art- dyeing your hair is like the best of both worlds, it’s a form of art and is a fashion statement. We know a lot of young people that choose to change their hair color with every new phase in their life, and we at Paradyes stan them!

Sadly though, most of our society has always only given stares and unsolicited opinions to people that choose to embrace this art. Most high-schools prohibit their students from coloring their hair, as do most parents. Hence right after school, when you step into the new world of your college life is when you can really experiment with different styles and new things. For most people college life is a fresh start, a chance to build a new identity, a chance to express yourself.

People often take this opportunity to revamp their aesthetics, their hobbies, make new friends and rebuild themselves from their past versions. A lot of young individuals venture into coloring their hair as a form of self-expression, and rightly so. Transforming your hair can be a great way to embrace a new version of yourself.

We asked a few college students why they color their hair and what it means to them, and here's what they had to say:

“Since school would never allow us to get our hair dyed, college was like a breath of fresh air for me to fulfill this ardent wish of mine and experiment with some funky, cool hair dye! The lockdown further helped, in a way that I had some free time on my hand to do something new! So I bleached my hair for the first time last April and grabbed a jar of Paradyes and began my fun haircolor journey! And I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon! Right now, I just look forward to visiting college in person with my cool hair!”

- Bandhuli Bhaumik (2nd Year Mass Communication Student at St. Xavier's College, Kolkata) 

“The first time I decided to color my hair was when i move to college across the planet from home. I made a friend who had really vibrant red hair. She told me she had been doing it herself for years and could do it for me as well. It took a year but eventually I got my hair to a color and health I really liked and my purple hair started to feel like a part of me - how my hair should naturally be.”

- Arnavi Raj (3rd Year Communication Design Student at Pearl Academy, Delhi)

“I have always hated my hair, they weren’t conventionally healthy or pretty. Being a PCOS patient, I experienced a lot of hair fall and never really embraced my own hair the way I should have. Being in a design college, I saw people around me with vibrant colors on their hair which pushed me to color my own hair in quarantine. It was also the first time I actually liked my hair since the past 10 years. Coloring my hair is a way of expressing myself, it makes me love my hair and myself a little more.”

- Arushi Sharma (3rd Year Fashion Styling student at Pearl Academy, Delhi)

“Had too many restrictions in school and hence could never really express or dress the way I wanted to. After moving to college, I changed my style and way of expression and getting a tattoo of my liking and getting my hair highlighted felt liberating. I always wanted to turn my hair into a funky colour but was always apprehensive because of the damage. I finally took the step and colored them because the entire pandemic situation made me realise how life is really unpredictable and we shouldn't keep dwelling over a thought for ages, rather just do it.”

- Shruti Parija (IHM Mumbai Alumni)


Coloring your hair is a form of self-expression, it means different things for different people. College is the time when you can take the leap and experiment with your identity, aesthetics, etc. We at Paradyes want to help you break all the barriers and assist you in your journey of self-expression and experimenting with your hair! Let your hair speak for itself.

*This article was written and submitted by Arushi Sharma.