Semi-permanent hair coloring offers a sublime method to explore different avenues regarding different hair colors. The impermanent alternative implies that you can give things a shot yet don't need to stress over the enduring impacts of lasting color. The majority of the semi-permanent colors will fade after simply six to eight shampoos. This gives you a lot of space to try different things with new, trending colors and choose what may suit you. There are about three stages to go through while considering semi-permanent hair coloring: 

Stage 1

Includes choosing the dye or the right shade for your hair. Based on your natural hair shade level, you could decide whether or not to bleach your hair. Lightening your hair before coloring brings out the vibrancy of the colors best. It is essential to perform a patch test to check for sensitivity or reactions to the color and, if needed, a strand test to make sure you're satisfied with the color that you've chosen for your hair.

Stage 2

This stage involves the actual process of dyeing your hair. Make sure to wash your hair with shampoo and completely dry it out. Cover up your clothes and skin to avoid any stains. Figure out which portions of your hair you wish to color, and then apply the hair dye. Let the color set in by following the time instructions provided in the manual. Rinse it out in time and let your hair air dry, or run a soft blow dryer over it.

Stage 3

This stage entails hair care and maintaining your newly colored hair. Try to minimize your hair washes to keep your color from fading soon. Use a color-protecting shampoo and make sure your hair is hydrated enough. Dry hair is not only prone to hair fall but also fading. Because semi-permanent dyes do not last very long (mostly 8-10 washes), you could always reapply these dyes in the same shade or try out new possibilities and experiment with other colors.

Now that you have an idea about the use and benefits of using semi-permanent hair colors, go ahead and try out that bold color you've been contemplating getting. It's a super easy and safe way to experiment and continuously express and re-invent yourself!