Now, you must be wondering, why are we telling you about Kylie’s hair color looks? But, isn’t she “THE ICON OF RAINBOW HAIR” all of Kylie Jenner’s hair colors stand out in their own ways. And for that matter, isn’t that what you too would try to achieve after coloring your hair? A look that makes you stand out from the crowd! 

There is no hair color or hairstyle that Kylie hasn’t experimented with. Although most of them were her lit AF Coachella wigs. But guess what? you can get those hair colors for real with Paradyes semi-permanent hair colors ofc. 

Here are some of her most radiating and ravishing looks which you can try with Paradyes semi-permanent hair colors and Paradyes Color Care Conditioner!

Kylie’s long bob ft. lime hair color

Damn, who thought yellow could look this classy? You can create this stunning pastel look with Saxony Yellow, Mayeri Green and Color Care Conditioner. However, you will require an extremely light base, hair bleached to level 9 or above, or a platinum base to apply this mixture. And since it is a pastel look, you can keep mixing some amount of hair color pigment in your conditioner for every wash to retain the freshness of the look.


Kylie’s long Neon Orange hair

This look is legit screaming “you’ve got to try me”. Just look at that gorgeous orange pigment complimenting her outfit. Want to get this look? We’ve got you covered! Use Raggiana Orange and mix it with the Color Care Conditioner. Go as stated above, apply on an extremely light base or a platinum base for the best results and a satisfactory outcome. 


Kylie’s Teal Tips

An ombre is the best hairstyle to opt for if you are skeptical about coloring your hair. Just color the tips of your hair! This teal hair color contrasting the black roots is just popping out and we can’t resist sharing the secret recipe to this one! Apply Superba Aqua on a platinum base and mix a lil bit of Mayeri Green for a hint of green tones. 


Kylie’s Baby Pink hair color

The cutest look by far. This subtle pastel look is all you need if you’re looking for a hair color revamp. You can wait for your Carola Pink or Comrii Purple to fade into this color or you can simply mix these 2 hair colors with the Color Care Conditioner to achieve it. If Kylie’s got it, you can too! These colors also show up easily on a level 7 or above the base, however, make sure that you mix Conditioner and apply it on a platinum base if you want the pastel look. 


Kylie’s Royal Ice Blue hair color

This denim blue hair color is the same shade as our Sapphire Navy! You can achieve this look simply by mixing Sapphire Navy with the Color Care Conditioner. You definitely didn’t think that it would be that easy to achieve this look right? But, now you know that it is! You can also try this with Rudolphi Blue if you want the blue to look stronger. However, you must ensure that you have hair bleached to a level 9 and toned as well. You can use the Paradyes Lighten Up! Bleach Pack twice to lighten your hair to a level 9 at home and then tone it with the Paradyes Fine Tone Toning Shampoo.


For the best results, we do suggest you take professional help to get that even and the perfect base for pastel hair color looks as it can be tricky to achieve the same at home all by yourself. 

So, now since you know all the secrets to get Kylie Jenner’s colorful hair, it’s time for you to give them a shot with Paradyes products and team Paradyes at your disposal to help you at every step of the process, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Image source: Google images