How To Dye Your Hair Platinum Blonde Paradyes

How To Dye Your Hair Platinum Blonde

by Saumya Rawat on Apr 04, 2023

Get ready to turn heads! Learn how to get platinum blonde hair with our step-by-step guide. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to a new you.

Are you ready to channel your inner Khaleesi and rock the perfect platinum base? If so, you're in luck! In this blog, we've compiled everything you need to know about how to get platinum blonde hair, including tips on the process, hair care, and must-have products for achieving your dream look.

Platinum blonde hair color ideas have always been a stunner celeb look, and it's not hard to see why. So from Billie Eilish's Marilyn blonde to Kim’s ash-blonde, whatever your source of inspiration, we say it’s worth a try! 

Whether your hair is naturally dark or golden blonde, this guide will help you learn how to dye your hair platinum blonde without completely damaging your precious strands. So, get ready to stun with your icy blonde tresses, and let's get started.

Types Of Platinum Blonde

First things first, it's essential to have an idea of what kind of platinum blonde look you want. Here are a variety of shades to choose from: 

  • Icy color blonde - has a cool blue undertone
  • Ash platinum - a greyish hue
  • Honey platinum - has a warm, yellow undertone
  • Platinum silver white -  has a silver-white finish
  • Platinum blonde highlights or balayage - a lighter shade of blonde that is strategically placed throughout the hair to create dimension and contrast (best suited on hair that has a natural base of light to medium blonde)

Here are some celebrity references.


Things You Will Need - Prep It Up!

Keep these things handy before you deep dive into the process. 

  • Hand gloves
  • A bleach brush
  • A plastic or glass mixing bowl
  • Sectioning clips
  • A shower cap (optional)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Bleach + Developer
  • Toning Shampoo
  • An old t-shirt or towel

If you have color-treated hair, you may also need a color remover. Also, avoid any heat styling before a few days of starting the process to prepare your hair. Ensure you are in a well-ventilated area and protect your clothes and surfaces. 

The Process - Getting It Right!

Step 1: Patch Test & Consultation With A Professional

It's essential to do a patch test to ensure you're not allergic to any of the products. If you've never bleached your hair before, it's advisable to have a consultation with a professional stylist to guide you through the process of how to get platinum blonde hair and assess your hair health.

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Step 2: Bleaching

The next step is to bleach your hair. If you have color-treated hair, you'll need to remove the color before starting the bleaching process. Apply the bleach mixture to your hair, starting with the mid-lengths and ends, then the roots (as the roots always process faster). How long does it take to get platinum blonde hair? The processing time will depend on your hair's texture and the desired shade. However, be prepared to sit through multiple sessions of bleaching to achieve your desired platinum base.

How to go from dark brown to platinum blonde?
  • Section your hair into small, manageable parts
  • Mix bleach and developer in a 1:2 ratio
  • Start applying the bleach on the ends, then work your way up to the roots
  • Once the mid-lengths and ends have processed for the desired amount of time, apply the bleach mixture to the roots and scalp, taking care to avoid overlapping with the already bleached hair
  • Use a wet cotton swab to check the hair color level
  • Process the hair until it reaches the desired level of lightness, timely checking the color to avoid over-processing
  • Rinse the bleach out thoroughly with cool water and shampoo your hair with a color-safe shampoo
  • Repeat the process after some time (preferably, the next day depending on your hair health) if the desired level is not achieved

Wondering how to get platinum blonde hair from golden blonde? After lifting your hair to the desired levels, apply a toner or a toning shampoo to neutralize any remaining yellow tones in your hair. 

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Step 3: Toning & Conditioning

One of the most crucial steps of learning how to get platinum blonde hair from black is toning. It helps remove any remaining yellow or orange tones in your hair, leaving it with a white or silver finish. Apply the toner to your hair and leave it on for the recommended time. Instead of toner, you can also proceed with a toning shampoo. After toning, condition your hair with a deep conditioning treatment to retain moisture and prevent any breakage.

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Maintaining Platinum Blonde Hair

Maintaining platinum blonde hair requires regular upkeep. Here are some tips:

  • Keep heat styling to a minimum, as high heat can cause hair damage
  • Avoid the sun and chlorine, as they can cause your hair color to fade
  • Use toning shampoos to fight brassiness
  • Follow-up with conditioners to keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant

Dyeing your dark hair to platinum blonde requires a bit of effort, but it's definitely achievable. Remember to take precautions to prevent hair damage and if you are a beginner, seek a professional colorist for help. 

Ready to get your hands dirty?

Follow these steps, and you'll be well on your way to becoming the blonde bombshell you always aspired to be!



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