While it is not completely impossible to use semi-permanent hair colors over hair dyed using permanent hair dyes or henna previously, you might face some difficulties in doing so. Don't worry though, we're here to help you achieve that dreamy new look you've been waiting for!

Let's get into the science behind this. Permanent hair dyes seep into your hair melanin for the color to appear. This implies that these dyes change your natural hair color pigment. Hence, it's necessary to bleach the hair, so that your natural hair color is lifted and you have a base light enough to deposit semi-permanent hair color on it. 

P.S. If you'd like to know the difference between permanent and semi-permanent dyes, Click here.

How can you bleach permanently dyed hair?

Pigments in henna and permanent hair colors are extremely strong. Permanent hair colors have ammonia and peroxide that change your hair texture and natural color. If you wish to change your look and apply vibrant semi-permanent hair colors, you will have to pre-lighten your dyed hair. 

There are 2 things that you should keep in mind, when was the last time you dyed your hair using permanent dyes/ henna and which color do you want to do next. 

We advice that you wait for the permanent hair color to fade/ wash out completely, this may take over 6 months. Then you may visit a hair specialist to understand whether your hair is suitable for bleaching/ pre-lightening or not. It is necessary to bleach your pre-dyed hair if you wish to use semi-permanent hair color. 

If your hair is suitable, you can bleach your hair with the Paradyes Lighten Up Bleach Kit. It can lift your hair to up to 6 levels. However, you might get results with heavy red undertones based on your hair texture and porosity. 

In this case, you can opt for warm colors like Rubra Red, Ruby Wine, Carola Pink, and Comrii Purple. You will get deeper tints of all these shades on a base that has red undertones. 

Disclaimer: The results depend on the layers of permanent dye/ henna applied. Hence, it is possible for the bleach to not be able to lift your hair color to some extent.



Can you dye your hair if you have used Henna?

We strongly recommend you don’t apply semi permanent dyes over henna treated hair. The healthy choice would be to wait at least 6 months for the henna to completely wash out of your hair before you apply bleach or semi permanent dyes. The bleach may produce unwanted results if the henna hasn't washed out completely. 

Post bleaching, you might notice your hair has a lot of orange undertones due to the strong deposits of henna. In such cases, as advised above, the easiest route is to pick up warm tones such as purple, pink, orange, and red hair color.

Disclaimer: The process of bleaching over henna depends largely on the hair type of the individual. It is possible the bleach doesn't react to your hair resulting in no changes.

That being said, it is very much possible for you to try your dream hair color without worrying and this is your cue to go ahead and buy your favourite hue!!

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