Before we begin here is what you need to know, Semi-Permanent hair colors don’t show up on natural black/grey/brown hair, and hence cannot be used to cover up greys.

Wondering how to achieve platinum hair? We’ve been up with the latest hair color trends too and we cannot get over this Icy wave. Parafam, now’s the time to finally muster up the courage to get your hands on Moonstone Grey! It’s a tough one, but soooo worth it. 

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Alright let’s jump right into it. 

Step 1 - Bleach Please

To start off, grey hair color requires a level 10 or higher base. Any yellow tones present will turn the grey ashy. So make sure you do the bleaching right. Since it's an almost platinum base, you would have to apply 2-3 rounds of bleach-based on your strand quality. We do suggest to time the bleach rounds a little apart for your hair to recover. 

You will start to notice brassy tones post-bleach. Since grey is a cool color, these tones can become a major hindrance and prevent you from achieving the perfect shade. Cooler shades need a lighter, preferably blonde base to show up with their true pigments and vibrancy. Therefore, it becomes crucial to eliminate these brassy tones before proceeding with color application.

Step 2 - Tone it out

How to get rid of these brassy tones you ask? We’ve got you covered. All you have to do is tone your hair - a fairly simple process you can easily perform at home with a Toning Shampoo. Mix a tiny amount of water into the shampoo and wash wash wash! Your hair is now going to be ready with an even blonde base for color application.

PS: If your hair isnt neutral post bleach, moonstone grey acts as a toner requiring you to reapply the color.

Step 3 - Color Play

Its time to crack open the color jar! Apply the color onto your hair and wait a good 30-60 mins. When you’re done netflixing, hop into the shower and wash off the excess color. Use Color protecting conditioner that retains the color.
To know more about coloring, follow our Beginner’s guide and you’re all set.

Step 4 - Aftercare

Grey hair color requires touch up every once in 4-5 weeks and a dedicated colour care routine to keep the color intact. Don’t worry we won’t send you off to more research. Color care products are free from harsh chemicals like ammonia and contain extracts of natural ingredients. They don’t strip off the color like normal shampoos and conditioners do and instead. Add a care combo to your cart and make sure they are salt, sulphate, silicone and alcohol free.  

You’re all set to rock those silvers! Make sure you tag us with the results so we can swoon all over  ♥️ ♥️

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