Anyone else whose Christmas wish is to color their hair? If it’s a yes then you’ve found yourself the gold mine of semi-permanent hair dyes. Now, you might have a lot of questions in your mind, like what if you don’t get the shade right in your first attempt? Or what do you do when the color starts to fade and so on. But, don’t worry if it’s your first time coloring your hair, we’re gonna share everything you need to know before coloring your hair.

Lighten Up! With Paradyes Bleach

Paradyes semi-permanent colors don’t show up on black hair. So, you’ll have to bleach your hair in order to get that bright and vibrant look. And guess what? We’re finally launching our very own hair bleach and developer. If you wish to try out the product for FREE then signup for our consumer trials here - Hurry up because only 50 lucky people stand a chance to get selected and the form will close on 27 December 2021. If you’re scared to bleach your hair at home then you can also go to a professional and get your hair bleached at a salon. You’ll have to ensure that you don’t have any yellow undertones in case you wish to go for cooler shades like Mayeri Green or Rudolphi Blue. 

Confusion with them colors

When it’s reining colors in paradyes, how does one figure out which color to go for? We say, if you’re a first timer then you opt for warmer tones such as Rubra Red and Carola Pink as these colors show up best even on lower levels of bleach. Don’t forget to do a patch test before going all in with the shade. When we say, hair coloring is addictive, we mean it, so once you figure out how the shades show up on your hair, you can keep experimenting with your looks and become a hair chameleon to say the least. Checkout the Lookbook on our website or our Instagram handle at @birdsofparadyes for more hair coloring inspiration and ideas! 

Long lasting or not?

Just spruce things up with a faded hair color this Christmas! Our semi-permanent hair dyes last for upto 10 wash cycles. The color fades with every wash. However since our colors fade into beautiful pastel and coral hues, you can definitely rock different looks throughout your hair color journey. In case you want your color to last longer then the first thing we’d suggest is to wash your hair just once a week. You can also use a sulphate and silicone free shampoo and conditioner to ensure that your hair color doesn’t bleed too much while you’re washing it. 

Dealing with Damage

The only process that damages your hair is bleaching. However, you can overcome the damage by following a proper hair care routine post coloring your hair. The paradyes colors are conditioner based and  they are also enriched with herbal extracts. The colors do not damage your hair and neither will your hair texture change after you color your hair. You can read more about hair care post coloring on our website. Although, Santa believes in you and thinks that you can ace the hair coloring process this season! So just go for it and fulfill your wish of having the best hair color in town.

It’s the most wine-derful time of the year and we’re here to root for you with those multi-tonal tresses! Santa's got a lot of offers for you so grab your hair color if you haven't already. This is your time to Sleigh it in paradyes and be a part of Parafam <3 

Ask away your doubts regarding coloring your hair for the first time in the comments below!