*Drum rolls* Pleaseeee!!! We’ve just launched the much-awaited Paradyes Color Care range of hair care products enriched with Flax and Quinoa Protein. Yepp, it sounds healthy too, right? Well, that’s cos it is. There are a lot of myths about hair coloring and how it damages your hair. However, all you need to combat the damage and keep your colored hair healthy and lustrous is a genuine hair care routine. 

Including flax and quinoa protein will not only nourish your hair but also strengthen them. Additionally, our color-protecting hair care range ensures that your hair color stays for longer! How cool is that? 

Now you might ask, why Quinoa and Flax? Read on to find the answer!

Benefits of Quinoa Protein for hair:

1. Helps in protecting your hair color

Apart from conditioning your hair and making them as smooth as silk, quinoa also acts as a color protector and keeps your hair from fading faster. However, this doesn’t mean that your color won’t bleed at all while washing. The process just becomes slower and the color lasts longer.

2. Detangles hair and prevents frizziness 

The vitamins present in quinoa balance the production of oils that your hair needs and keep the dryness and frizz at bay! We’d suggest, you comb your hair while conditioning it or rake your fingers through your hair and spread the conditioner evenly so that it can do some magic and leave your hair feeling soft and flowy AF>>

3. Deeply conditions your hair

Quinoa has proteins that deeply condition your hair. You can also use the Paradyes Color Care Conditioner as an everyday hair mask and have a mini self-care session all by yourself. For best results, use the product on a regular basis and give it a spot in your hair care routine. We guarantee that it won’t disappoint you! And yes, these are curly hair products and can be used as part of the curly girl method too ;)

4. Strengthens hair follicles 

Packed with the goodness of 9 essential amino acids that are important for hair growth and repair, quinoa is that go-to friend for all your hair problems. It naturally strengthens your hair follicles and prevents hair fall to an extent. Dealing with dull hair? By now you should make quinoa your best friend and a part of your hair care routine. 

Benefits of Flax Seed for hair:

1. Accelerates hair growth

Flaxseeds contain vitamin B and are rich in biotin and folic acid which help in hair growth and make hair stronger. Now imagine, this combined with the benefits of quinoa, it’s literally everything you could ask for in the perfect color care shampoo and conditioner combo.

2. Moisturizes hair lengths 

These seeds keep your hair conditioned and bind the moisture to the hair shafts, control split ends, and prevent damage, breakage, and dryness as well. It will leave your hair looking sleek and extra shiny for real. What more can you ask for? Along with that the Paradyes Color Care Shampoo deep cleanses your hair and helps retain the moisture. 

3. Prevents hair damage and hair fall 

Flaxseed helps in soothing the scalp and reducing scalp inflammation which in turn ensures that the hair follicles are not weakened and reduces hair fall. Yepp, it’s a beautiful cycle, hehe, one benefit after the other with just one ingredient! And to strengthen the actions of the flaxseed further, our hair care range comes enriched with other herbal extracts such as those of hibiscus and amla as well.

Lastly, having some good “superfood” ingredients in your hair care routine is a must to protect colored hair and make it last longer. Apart from being consistent with your regular hair care routine, you can always make it extra by adding a little something over the weekends and pampering your hair a little more. For example, do up your hair in a hair mask and have a fun time.