The new year calls for a new hue! Old is just mundane and boring, it’s time to spice things up with something different and out of the box. This is your chance to dye your hair a different color not because we’re asking you to but because you deserve to exist in a community which is more inclusive and supportive of how an individual decides to present themselves. 

The generation today is striving towards building their own image and standing out from the crowd. They are quick decision makers and hair coloring can be a way to calm their impulses. Having colored hair is a unique outlet for these young minds and it also encourages others to embrace change. You can feel more in control of yourself and your beliefs and just simply be you.

Hair has always been an integral part of self expression, fashion and a person’s portrayal in society.  A new hairstyle, a new hair color, a new haircut are all means that allow you to change your personality. They define who you are and what you aspire to be. Moreover, transforming your look by dying your hair a different color can help you become more self confident and give you a sense of identity. Hair coloring can play a significant role in your life, it can mark the beginning of a new phase or that of an ending one, or you can just color up those locks to match your favorite celebrity’s new look! Isn’t it?

However, hair coloring is still categorized as informal and people with colored hair are stereotyped for the same. There is a need to break free from societal pressure and biased judgements of others in order to create an environment where everyone gets the opportunity to explore themselves and find out who they are with an open mindset. If you courageously take a step towards bringing about this change then you will definitely encourage people around you to follow suit. 

With paradyes semi-permanent hair colors, you can go on your own journey of self discovery and experimentation. Each color can tell a new story about who you really are. You can be bold with Rubra Red or go the subtle way with our latest color Peri Peri, a lavender blue hue perfect for those who want to go for a mellow look. In fact we even have a range of deep, lustrous shades like Sapphire Navy, Emerald Green and more for those of you who do not wish to go for bright and vibrant colors. Still want more? Don’t worry, we’ve got a variety of hues for you to choose from cos once you start coloring your hair there is no going back. You can be red, you can be yellow, blue, purple, green, pink, black and every color you wanna be. (Ps. sing the lines in your head if you know the song!)

So to all you hair color enthusiasts out there who’re hesitating and need a push to color your tresses, this is it! Just do it and don’t look back ;)

Cover photo credits (Row wise, left to right): @sashafigueiredo, @vihanraju, @aergiaspiritofsloth, @eden.laa, @avishkapokhriyal, @brushtler, @urvaa, @labellachae, @___sushiiii