Short hair, don’t care? We’ve got some hair color looks you need to try ASAP.
You’ve given this a thought. You’re a quick decision maker and you’ve decided to just go for it and give yourself a hair makeover. So, finally, it’s time for you to rock that perfect haircut with the most vibrant of colors. Alright, now the question is what look are you going to do? We’ve got you covered for this one! See how stunning Parafam looks with their colored locks and read on to find out how you can achieve them as well as other fun looks which you can try.

But first, here’s what you’ll need

For best results of Paradyes semi-permanent hair dyes, you’ll need to get your hair bleached. We suggest you take professional help if you’re doing it for the first time. Also, ensure that you don’t bleach your roots initially. After that, all you need is the kit of your favorite hair color. You’re all set to start your hair coloring journey. And guess what, there are chances that you’ll need a lesser quantity of hair color as your hair is short, you get to use the color jar more than once! (Ps. it is subjective to the style and look you wish to achieve)

Even the kitten loves some pretty pink curls!

Image Source: @uwuvashi

To all the curly haired cuties, this is proof that coloring your curls won’t damage them but instead make them pop out and look even more gorgeous. Carola Pink will be your go to color for these cranberry curls. You won’t need to bleach your hair to higher levels as this vibrant color shows up well even on level 7. You can go global or opt for an ombre.

Midnight blue hues for the win

Image source: Pinterest

A global navy bob seems like the need of the hour. It’s the perfect look to ace this winter. You’ll need to bleach your hair to Level 9 or have a platinum base and don’t forget to get rid of any undertones after bleaching otherwise the blue hair color will mix up with the shades in your base and you won’t be able to achieve the look you want. 

Get 'em Red highlights right

Image Source: @skyehgrif

Who’d think that red highlights could look this cool with short hair? Do you have it in you to pull this off? A hint of red on the top and a few peeping strands at the bottom is the perfect idea for someone who doesn’t wanna go overboard with the hair coloring process. You’ll be required to bleach your hair up to a level 7 to deposit the Rubra Red hair color.

Draw the line with yellow

Image Source: Pinterest

This trending new style of having just the tips of your hair colored in a neat line is the look you should opt for if you’re scared to color your hair as a beginner. Saxony Yellow is best applied on a level 9 bleach. For a cleaner and precise look you can also use this as a reference photo and guide your salon specialist to give you this super cool hair transformation. Just match it up with the sun!

Unreal underlights 

Image Source: @prarthanajagan

Let those underlights do the talking. Just color up the bottom layer of your mane with vibrant and beautiful colors. Prank your besties by telling them that you didn’t color your hair and then just lift the upper layer to give them a surprise! ;) Or go for these underlights and color the strands right behind your ears. For this look you’ll need to create a custom color using Carola Pink and Comrii Purple in a 4:1 ratio and apply it over a level 7 or above base for the best results. 

Slay the Split!

Image Source: Pinterest

Orange is the new black. Would you dare to color half your hair with Raggiana Orange and the other half with Onyx Black or just some other attractive hue? This split dye look is going to make you stand out from the crowd. For orange, you’ll require a Level 8 base and either you can opt for another fun tone before doing Onyx Black or just let your natural hair be as it is on one side of the split. 

Two tonal color blocking all the way!

Image Source: @sphoortify

Color those bangs and add a few red highlights here and there to achieve this fierce and bold look. With having to mask up during COVID, coloring your hair can help you express what you’d otherwise have done using makeup. To deposit Rubra Red, you need to pre-lighten your hair to a level 7 or higher. 

And finally, check out these cool money pieces

Image Source: Pinterest

Periwinkle is the pantone color of the year 2022 and it’s also the Paradyes Color of the Month for January 2022. Which means that you absolutely need to give this color a shot! Change your look by getting colored face framing highlights called money-pieces. It’ll be easy on your pocket and you’ll get the dreamy lilac hue too!

Now that you have so many looks to take inspiration from, you just got to grab your favorite hue and give yourself a makeover. Don’t forget to tag us if you do try any of these looks and feel free to ask any doubts in the comments!

Cover photo credits: @avkeertana