So you’ve joined the #ParaFam & gone rogue on your choice of hair color(s). We’re so excited for you!

Even though our formula is the perfect match for your hair, there is always a scope for "cherry on the top" that is extra love & care for your locks.

If you find yourself battling dry, brittle hair with split ends due to excessive bleaching, it’s important that you learn how to fix damaged hair using a proper hair care regime.

Shampoo and Conditioner are recommended for damaged hair

The first step is to go for a hair care regimen that is specially formulated for colored hair. We took our years of experience and research to create Paradyes Color Care Shampoo and Color Care Conditioner that work to strengthen the hair from the inside out by reinforcing weak hair bonds. With the goodness of Flax Seed & Quinoa, this duo repairs those weak hair bonds and works best for colored hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner combo

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Wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water

Steamy showers feel great on your skin, but all that heat can do so much damage to your hair, especially if you have dry hair. Hot water strips off the essential oils from your hair, which can make it feel even drier. So, turn down the knob and rinse with lukewarm or cold water the next time you wash your hair.

Apply a Hair Mask for strength

If you’re not doing this already, it’s time! Deep conditioning or hair mask treatments work to repair strands from the inside out, making them stronger in the long run. The Color Care Hair Butter is a great solution for this because it’s made from herbal extracts. It’s literally butter but for your hair.


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Comb your hair before shampooing it

Tangles can cause serious breakage. If they’re getting the best of you, you may want to comb your hair before washing it. You can also apply Paradyes Color Care Oil during or before combing your hair to revitalize the health of your hair and scalp.

Use a T-shirt or a soft cotton towel to dry your hair

Remember that T-shirt you don’t like anymore but was so soft on your skin? Don’t throw it away yet. Hop out of the shower, and instead of aggressively rubbing your hair dry with a towel, grab that T-shirt. Patience is the name of the game when it comes to hair health!

Serum it up!

Apply a hydrating leave-in serum after washing your hair; this will help to seal in damage as well as make your hair look and feel softer. We introduce the Paradyes Color Care Serum that smells heavenly!!! Its lightweight formulation makes it so easy to apply, it smoothens the appearance of damage, and doubles as a heat protectant. It’s a great addition for curly-haired people, too. It hydrates the hair and reduces frizz without weighing down your curls.


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