Hair coloring as a form of self-expression has been quite popular and it’s definitely one of the most creative ways in which you can change your identity. And it’s not just you if you have thought about experimenting with red hair color or a blue one or have wanted to color your hair like your favorite celebrity! It's not that tough to get your favorite celebrity's hair color! How cool would it be if you could actually twin with your favorite celebrity right? 

And what better way to do it than by using semi-permanent hair colors! Since our hair dyes fade into ashy tones, you can always apply and rock a new statement color each time. It’ll be kinda like changing your hair color as soon as you have a new favorite celeb :P

Read on to find out how you can achieve these super cool hair color looks that these famous personalities have experimented with. Who knows, you might become famous too!

Kylie Jenner

There’s no one else we could’ve started this article with ofc! Kylie has left no stone unturned when it comes to trying out-of-the-box and unique hair colors. This is by far the hottest look of them all. A hot pink, Fuchsia hair color contrasting her face. You can achieve this look by using our Carola Pink hair dye on toned platinum hair. 

Pink Party


Kylie’s tried way too many hair color looks, she’s even worn wigs at times to compliment her outfits, though you don’t need to do that because you can simply color your hair. This is yet another one of her looks from when she was at Coachella, a vibrant, electric violet bob. For this look, you’ll need Crinkle Violet and a little bit of Comrii Purple. Apply the custom mix on platinum blonde hair for bright neon results.

Electric Violet


Katy Perry

There’s no such thing as too much hair color! Look at that iconic green. Katy Perry has also experimented with quite a few looks and this particular one is quite striking. Giving us some major forest girl vibes, this look can be achieved with Mayeri Green! Add a hint of Emerald Green to it if you wish to have a mixture of greens in your hair that is. Apply these colors on a toned platinum base for best results. You can bleach your hair twice using the Paradyes Lighten Up! Bleach Pack to achieve such looks.

Green Dream


Another one of her looks is this stunning shade of maroon. Those styled waves are surely accentuating her face and guess what, it’s super easy to get this look! Go global with our Ruby Wine on a platinum base or bleach your hair to a level 10 for the best results. 

Like Fine Wine



This inspirational star is iconic in not one but many ways, hair looks are just a part of her impressive style. There’s no doubt that she completely aced these luscious cherry red curls and look at that super cute bandana. This is your cue to color your curls with Rubra Red and style ‘em up just like the queen herself has done!

Rollin in Red


Nicki Minaj

Another popular singer has made statements with just her colorful hairstyles and matching outfits. Yep, we’re talking about Nicki Minaj. She has probably tried every hair color or hair color wig that exists out there. Y’all can try recreating this mint green one. Mix Superba Aqua, Mayeri Green, Saxony Yellow and the Color Care Conditioner for the same. Apply it over a platinum base. Mix a small amount of Aqua with your conditioner every time you wash your hair to retain this pastel hair color.

Minting it Right


Now that we’ve shared how you can match your hair color with that of your favourite celebrity, get going and shop some hair colors to do this all by yourself at home!

Images source: Google