Temporary hair colors are a magical gift packed up in a jar. It can give you that gorgeous color pop that you are looking for without having to commit to it. Even for a single day!
Whether you decide to color your hair pink, purple, or blue, we have them all just for you❤️

After applying, wait at least 22-24 hours before shampooing.

Immediate shampooing is a quick and easy way to get rid of your temporary hair color. If you follow that train of thought, not shampooing often is a great way to keep your color around longer.

Temporary colors do not seep into the layers of your hair; they are just a colorful outer layer that can be washed out by a single hair wash.

Cold water bath before applying the color

We’ve said it time & again, cold water is great for the cuticles in your hair. One should take a cold shower to help your temporary hair color last longer. The cold water, especially before shampooing, will keep your hair’s cuticles closed and later give a smooth finish to your Temporary Hair Color.

Apply on clean, dry hair

Make sure that your hair is dry before you start the application of temporary colors for a fuller and more vibrant look. However, if going for a mild tone or tint finish with one or more colors, try combing out the excess product as soon as you apply it.



Don’t go Sun Kissing 

Similar to warm showers or heat styling, harsh sunlight will also open your hair’s cuticles and allow the temporary hair colour to escape.


Excessive heat should be avoided

Heat styling tools like straighteners, crimpers, and curlers, which are all used to help create gorgeous daily hairstyles, can diminish the vibrancy of the color to some extent. Instead of these, there are many heatless options you can try to achieve the same look.

Skip swimming

This goes without saying, but temporary colors last for one hair wash and can bid their farewell with just water, and chlorine-filled water can even leave your hair tangled and messy.



Mix ‘n’ Match

Paradyes temporary hair colors come in six different shades, and all can be used together to create an ombré or split dye effect. These can be used together to create a beautiful and vibrant hairstyle. So for each day, you can choose a different colour and rock a new style.

And if this is your first time using temporary hair color coloring, you can refer to the Beginners Guide for Using Temporary Colors and start this colorful journey with us. 

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