Para-people are serving some fresh new looks and we’re totally here for the aesthetics! We know you guys love hopping onto new hair coloring trends and this time around it happens to be even more appealing because guess what, they’re inspired by scenic sunsets! Read on to find out how you can rock some mesmerizing sunset locks.

Creativity at it’s best

You can choose from a variety of 15 Paradyes shades to pull off this gorgeous hair look. Every sunset has its own unique hues which you can use for inspiration to create multiple picturesque hairstyles and updos. From under-lights to ombre hair to balayage, you can go ahead and experiment with any hair coloring technique without hesitation as there is no right or wrong here. The fun part, you ask? You can give this a shot at home too!

Bleach up to Level 8

Since it’s a multi-tonal look, it will require a higher level of bleaching. For beginners we suggest you take professional help and visit a salon to get the bleaching done. You can get your hair bleached up to level 8 or 9. This is the best base and most of our hues turn out vivid and vibrant on a lighter base. After this process is complete all you have to do is pick your favorite pots and get going! You must’ve realized by now that we’re clearly in a sunset state of mind and for your reference, we’ve mentioned below how you can join us too! *wink wink*

Raggiana Orange + Carola Pink + Comrii Purple + Crinkle Violet = The perfect sunset! 

Watching sunsets is a thing of the past. It’s time to pick the gradient from the sky and drop it right onto your tresses. As mentioned above, there are multiple styles in which you can achieve this look. The DIY process can be a bit tricky and it’s always a plus to have a helping hand. Pssst… Just rope in your best friend and color each other’s hair! We know you don’t want to ruin your favorite clothes so here’s a reminder to change into an old T-shirt before you begin.

Divide your hair into smaller parts using crocodile hair sectioning clips or basic hair clips, put on a pair of rubber gloves and Voila! You’re all set! So what are you waiting for? Dig right into those pots of colorful pigments with a dyeing brush or scoop up the dye with your hands. (Ps. It's always a good idea to swatch the colors beforehand!)

Begin by applying Crinkle Violet and Comrii Purple on your roots and the upper portion of your hair, respectively. Then you can go for our Carola pink in the middle and finally use Raggiana Orange on your tips. You can also go for a reverse ombre look in case you wish to prevent the darker tones from bleeding and blending with the lighter ones after washing. If you want the colors to show separately on all the strands then you can use foil to wrap each differently colored portion of your hair to avoid mixing. 

Post care for sunset hair

It is extremely important to use color care products that help you retain your look. You can opt for Paradyes Color Care Conditioner in your post care routine. Avoid using any external heat and heating or styling tools such as a blow dryer, straightener or curler. Embrace your natural hair texture and allow it to air dry. And trust us when we say that you’re gonna love the fade as much as you love the sunset hair look if you go for Paradyes hues! 

Inspiration is in the sky!

Fancy a morning sky and love watching the sunrise over a sunset? Well, we say you mix up our Rudolphi Blue and Saxony Yellow along with a hint of Raggiana Orange! Just let your imagination flow, who knows you might even end up with a galactic crown on your head. If you’ve reached the end of this article then this is your que to allow the sky to take over your hair! 


Display Picture credits: IG: @gargiborah_