Mission & Vision


In a world full of stereotypes, breaking barriers is essential. Expressing yourself has never been more critical, and we're here to help facilitate that for you. Whether it's a dramatic change or a subtle one, it makes a difference. Paradyes is here to get you to wear that hair like the crown it is and let your confidence radiate inside out. Your hair can make a statement, too; it’s a vital part of your personality. Ever-changing, vibrant, and confident, Paradyes semi-permanent hair color will give you that extra boost. Let that hair take center stage!


Just because Indian hair comes in darker shades, it doesn't have to be sidelined. If big and bold is too extreme for you, then worry not. Paradyes semi-permanent hair color brings beautiful hues to life on varying darker shades of natural hair also. We're here to change the narrative around hair coloring among the Indian audience. It is not against our ‘sanskaar’ and is not a commentary on our ‘Indian morals and values.' It’s time to free our society from the shackles of these taboos and typecasts, one head at a time. Whoever said desi can't go crazy hasn't tried our product yet ;)


There are several myths about the damage that coloring might cause to your hair. Unfortunately, there is a severe lack of understanding around the common question of ‘to color or not to color?’. With Paradyes semi-permanent hair colors, the answer is quite simple – Yes! Definitely color. We are here to inform our customers and audience about how they can experiment and style their hair without damaging them! Our products are Ammonia-free, Paraben-free, PPD-free, and Damage-free. We're also always striving to reinvent ourselves in the hair-cosmetic industry and continuously add to our spectrum of colors. More for us, more for you!


We at Paradyes care about the Environment. Along with our mission to provide you with the most vibrant colors, we also believe in conserving the natural hues. Full disclosure: While we are in the early stages of practicing 100% sustainability within our brand and product, we have taken a few steps to minimize wastage and be as eco-friendly as possible (baby steps, right?). Our hair dyes come in glass jars with tin caps, brushes made of 60% bamboo fiber. The glass jars are also reusable after a thorough wash! While the gloves and conditioner sachets are made of plastic material due to the lack of better alternatives, we aim to find alternatives in the near future.



    We are a family-owned R & D based process & product development group of companies operating in the Hair Cosmetic industry for the past 27 years. We have been regularly catering to our customers' needs for the last 25 years worldwide, including but not limited to U.S.A., Russia, Spain, France, China, Japan, Mexico, etc.

    After 27 years in the B2B segment, we have come to the consensus that the time is right for venturing into the B2C segment. Regarding our ambitious project, we have established whole new manufacturing setup dedicated to Hair Cosmetics. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest technology available to manufacture hair colors. Our premises are FDCA approved, and None of the manufacturing work is outsourced, which helps us maintain control of the whole process. All the critical Dyes & Pigments required to make the semi-permanent color creams are also manufactured at our facilities. It gives us a stronghold not only on the quality of the finished product but also on our essential raw materials' quality.

    To help us maintain and assure the highest quality checks and standards, we have established our very own Q.C Lab equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. We not only get our products vetted and certified by govt. Agencies but carry out our testing as well to make sure every batch produced meets our promised standards.

    With our strong focus on Make in India, we always strive to reduce dependency on imports and procure all our raw materials locally. This helps related industries grow, supports us in meeting our production timelines, and safeguards us against the risk of shipment and other delays related to import.


    Our Story: A note from our founder, Yushika Jolly

    Back in 2013, one bad experience at a salon left me with a head of half bleached hair frantically searching for the perfect blue dye at local beauty shops, salons, and malls. The only colors available in the market were the standard blacks, browns, and reds that apparently ‘best suit’ Indian hair. Disappointed with the lack of availability of any fashion colors, I eventually settled for a deep brown shade in hopes of finding a way to resolve this unfortunate event on a better day.

    Having always been fascinated by creatively colored hair, I started experimenting with my hair by playing around with factory dyes being manufactured by my family business. These were not branded, formulated hair colors, just regular dyes. Coloring my hair boosted my confidence and soon became an indispensable part of my self-expression. I was sure many felt the same way, only being held back due to the societal pressure to look a certain way.

    In 2017, when I relocated to London, I discovered a wide range of fashion hair colors readily available at local drugstores. This sparked a year and a half of hair color experimentation, during which I tried products from numerous brands, carefully evaluating their advantages and disadvantages. Eventually, I became the go-to source for hair coloring advice. Upon returning to India, I encountered once more the absence of easily accessible DIY hair color options. Determined to leverage my years of hair color experimentation, I started the Paradyes brand under YUSHKA COSMETICS LLP.

    Banking on my family business of dyes and intermediates, I teamed up with professionals and began R&D to formulate hair colors in our lab. The gorgeous range of colors we offer results from months of trials and development to bring you an experience of hair coloring like never before. I genuinely believe that our hair has a personality of its own, and I wanted to bring that out using hair color as a medium.

    Unfortunately, the Indian market has such few options. I really want to change that; while breaking all the myths around hair coloring and giving people a way to express themselves. As always, the aim is to provide you, our customers, with affordable, easy to apply hair colors that not only look great but make you feel amazing! Here’s to hoping that my journey and experiences with hair coloring resonate with you. Our product gives you the confidence to shine bright and bold, inside out.


    The Team

    Yushika Jolly

    Founder, CEO

    Yushika Jolly, has graduated with a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from NIFT, Gandhinagar, and a Master's in Design Management & Cultures from UAL: London College of Communication, U.K. She has been an integral part of its inception, which stems from her interest in coloring her hair for the past seven years, leading to gaining an in-depth insight and knowledge about the hair color market and experience. She has personally curated the range of colors with experts' help after rigorous testing, experimenting with shade cards, and studying dyes and coloring agents' mechanics. As the Creative Director of Paradyes, she is hands-on with the brand’s functioning, from designing to packaging and its promotion and building the brand's image. She started with a vision to change the narrative around hair coloring and has innovatively managed to bring this vision to life.

    Karan Jolly

    Co-founder, COO

    Karan Jolly, is a graduate of the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, with a bachelor's degree in Technology (Food engineering & technology). He also holds a Master of Science in Biotechnology (Drug Design and Discovery) from Georgetown University, Washington, DC. With over three years of experience working as a Quality Production-Shipping Specialist at Magbio Genomics Inc., Gaithersburg MD, USA. Karan is the perfect partner in the venture, with over three years of experience working with dyes and intermediates at Prolife Industries. His core competencies lie in Quality Assurance Management, Project Management, Examining Internal processes, and Product Auditor. The entire Research and Development department comes under his purview. He operates the scientific and technical aspects of the brand. 

    Siddharth Raghuvanshi

    Co-founder, CFO

    Siddharth Raghuvanshi holds an MBA in Banking and Finance from Symbiosis International University, Pune. Having professional experience of more than five years working in the field of Debt Syndication and Financial Risk Assessment with the likes of Siemens and other companies, he has extensive experience and knowledge in this field. His core competencies lie in the field of finance & Audit. Siddharth oversees the brand's financial decisions along with statutory compliances and is also actively involved in forecasting and overlooking the technicalities related to the manufacturing and distribution of the product and managing the development and smooth functioning of the day-to-day business.

    late Mr. Maninder Singh Jolly

    Co-founder, Promoter

    Mr. M S Jolly, held a bachelor’s degree in science (BSc.) and BSc(Tech) from UDCT Mumbai. He was a first-generation entrepreneur. He had over 25 years of experience of working in multiple fields such as specialty chemicals, pharma, dyes and intermediates, news and entertainment, education, hospitality, and healthcare. He presented insights into the company’s multiple operations like manufacturing processes, customised hair dyes, and the final products and was an integral part of the company since its inception stages. The vast range of excellent and high-grade quality dye in our colors are synthesized in our manufacturing facilities, now helmed by his son, Karan Jolly.