All you beginners out there who are wondering what is semi permanent hair color, this is all you need to read! We’ll clarify everything about semi permanent hair color, how to use it and what hair care products to use for after care. 

If you’re looking for a change and want a quick hair makeover without doing a lot of permanent damage, then your best option is Paradyes semi permanent hair color. Moreover, you won’t be able to find a lot of semi permanent hair color brands in India. The Paradyes hair color will not only allow you to express yourself and get colorful hair at home but also leave your hair feeling smooth and shiny since it is conditioner-based. 

People also ask us about how these colors will fade, is it difficult to maintain colored hair, which color will suit them best, and so on. Our dyes fade into beautiful ashy and pastel tones so you can ace a new look with every wash. There’s no magic trick to maintaining colored hair, all you need to change is the hair care products you use. Make sure that you follow a hair care routine consistently. As for which color will look best on you, it depends on the color you wish to do and we’re sure every color will look stunning ;)

For those who are thinking about semi permanent hair color for grey hair, these dyes won’t work well. The color will not help you in covering up your grey hair. Grey hair is already less porous and the grey strands do not have the strength to take on the chemical pigments present in hair colors. 

We have a range of 15 hair color dyes that include our Classic Range of vibrant colors and our Jewel Tone Series which has deep and lustrous shades. All these colors show up only on bleached hair. You have to pre-lighten your hair in order to get true results with these hair colors. 

The Classic Range has the following shades:

1. Rubra Red

2. Rudolphi Blue

3. Mayeri Green

4. Saxony Yellow

5. Carola Pink

6. Comrii Purple

Crinkle Violet

8. Raggiana Orange

9. Superba Aqua

The Jewel Tone Series has the following shades:

1. Ruby Wine

2. Sapphire Navy

3. Emerald Green

4. Amethyst Plum

5. Moonstone Grey

6. Onyx Black

Before diving into this journey of coloring your hair, we suggest you do a thorough research and read up all the blogs and guides we have on our website and Instagram respectively!