We’re not screaming, you are! Are you as in awe as we are with the WORLD’S FIRST EVER Hair Color Bombs? You can now color your hair in under 2 minutes from the comfort of your home, all you need to do is #DROPDIPDYE

A revolutionary, one of its kind, this cute AF semi-hemisphere has got all your out-of-the-box hair coloring needs covered! 

What are these Hair Color Bombs?

They are a pack of 3 semi-hemispherical hair dye bombs and dissolve in water once dropped. They come in 3 Primary Colors (Red, Blue, and Yellow) and each color’s pack has 3 color bombs. For eg. The yellow-colored Hair Bomb Pack contains 3 yellow hair color bombs) Along with this, we have a user manual, gloves, a stirrer, and the Paradyes Color Care Conditioner


They are unique, different, and literally out-of-the-box ;) (Also available in Red and Blue)

How to use the Hair Color Bombs?

This is by far the quickest way in which you can color the tips of your hair. Follow these simple steps:

1. Drop the bomb

If you drop 1 Hair Color Bomb in water, it will result in a pastel shade. If you drop 2 or 3 Hair Color Bombs, the intensity of the hair color deposited will be deeper. This implies that the more number of hair color bombs you use, the stronger the color will show. 

Pro tip: Tone your hair with 1 Blue Hair Color Bomb

2. Dip your hair

The time for which you keep your hair dipped in water is directly proportional to the results. This simply means that the longer you keep your hair, the brighter the pigment will be. Ensure that you keep your hair in the bowl for enough time and allow the pigment to deposit evenly on all the strands. Use your fingers to spread the color on your strands evenly. Here is a shade chart for one of the Color Bombs to help you understand better. (You can find the references for each color on our website listing as well)

3. Dry and slay

Once you are satisfied with the above procedure, you can remove your hair from the bowl, and wash off with the conditioner sachet so provided. Dry your hair and style it up! This product can be used to dye the tips of your hair. You can also use multiple hair color bombs to dye different portions of your hair.

Why should you use Hair Color Bombs?

Well, who wouldn’t want to have a one of its kind experience? You can actually color your hair in a matter of 2 minutes, how cool and fun does that sound. It is the fastest and easiest way to get colored hair. All you’ve got to do is follow the 3 simple steps, Drop, Dip and Dye. 

Things to remember while using the Hair Color Bombs:

1.Make sure that your bowl has 1 litre of water.
2. Dip your hair into the bowl slowly to avoid any spillage.
3. Keep a towel handy to wipe off any stains.
4. Ensure that the tips are completely dipped and and the color distributes evenly.
5. Wear the gloves throughout the process even while rinsing.

You can experiment all you want with this product, mix 1 or multiple different colored bombs to create your own hair color and dip the tips of your hair. Try this super cool product for yourself and let the magic unfold! Here is a color combination chart to help you understand the multiple combinations that you can create:


Just take that leap of faith and give this fun hair coloring product a shot! You won't forget this experience for sure!